will run or she won’t run.

It doesn’t matter what Ann Coulter thinks.

It doesn’t matter what Jedidiah Bila thinks.

It doesn’t matter what Laura Ingram or RedState’s own Erick Erickson thinks.

It doesn’t matter what Michelle Malkin, Tammy Bruce, or Mark Levin thinks.

Palin will decide one way or another. If she announces and gets into the race she’ll be a significant force in the primary. I would lean towards supporting her because she has the experience, character, and perseverance I think is necessary for the next President.

But then again, it doesn’t matter what I think either. She’s gonna run or she’s not gonna run.

And if she runs, she’ll be in a race with some good candidates and she’ll either convince enough Republicans to vote for her or she won’t. Afraid she’ll split the conservative vote? Well, if someone like say, Rick Perry is such a great candidate why aren’t conservatives coalescing around someone like him? The only reason I’ve seen conservatives reluctant to vote for Palin is electability based on polls, which is, well, nonsense. If she believes she can win in an unconventional way, why not let her try?

If she doesn’t run, she’ll endorse a conservative and bring legions of her supporters to a conservative candidate for the Republican nomination.

So what the hell is everyone fussing about? We’ll know by next summer who the Republican nominee is. Why don’t we all just chill out.

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