So, you’re saying Herman Cain can’t be offended by racial slurs?

I understand where conservatives are coming from when they say they’re disappointed in Herman Cain for calling Rick Perry insensitive for not painting over a rock with a disgusting phrase on it.

And yes, this is a boondoggle being thrown out of proportion to make the Republicans look bad. But what was wrong with Herman Cain’s answer? He simply denounced what was written on that rock (if you don’t know what it is, google it. It’s so disgusting I don’t even want to type it on here) and then said that if Rick Perry, THE GOVERNOR OF TEXAS, did not paint over it, he was being insensitive. God forbid we hold elected officials to a higher standard!

Maybe it’s because my parents are from South Africa and have told me about the horrors blacks had to go through from apartheid that I am more sensitive to these kinds of issues. But if I had any sort of stake in a ranch and there was a rock with a word like that written on it, I would have painted over it IMMEDIATELY.

Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that Herman Cain is a common sense Constitutional conservative and Rick Perry has had a record of crony capitalism, executive mandates, and weak immigration policies. It’s not much of a choice for me.

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