Why the Left Fears Herman Cain.

This is absolutely pathetic. 

And it goes to show how absolutely bonkers and beside themselves that Herman Cain is leading a lot of the polls coming out right now. Including a new Zogby poll where he leads by 20%.

O’Donnell’s interview, along with comments by useful idiots like Janeane Garofalo, reveals what the left fears about Herman Cain: It takes the narrative away from them and they’re holding on to it for dear life. Garofalo saying Herman Cain proves the right is racist and O’Donnell taking it to the next level by accusing Cain of being against the Civil Rights movement just goes to show how idiotic their argument is.

The fact that Herman Cain is an incredibly successful business executive who has SAVED businesses from crashing and burning should shut every old racist’s trap. Cain has promoted Civil Rights by simply doing his job effectively. It’s lead him to be the CEO of a successful pizza chain.

It’s also what is going to set him apart from Obama should he secure the Republican nomination for president of the United States





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