America Needs an Obama vs. Newt Race.

Baring some salacious detail coming out of the pipeline, I will be supporting Newt Gingrich from president next year. I have already written about why I think Newt would be a good candidate on his own, and I think he is a good candidate and he’d make a good president. But one of the main reasons I am supporting Newt is what it would do for America.

Throughout the race, Newt has refused to attack other Republicans, he has refused to delve into the politics of personal destruction (with good reason, he’s got a lot of baggage) and successfully refocused the debate on policy. He doesn’t even let MSM moderators off the hook, if their premise is off base he has successfully, within the minute allotted, rebuked the premise and reframed the issue. That’s not to say he’s afraid to get into the mud, he’s addressed personal issues when they come up, but he has an ability to refocus the conversation.

This lack of fear of attack and the ability to refocus the debate is CRUCIAL now more than ever for America. We have not had a serious presidential election that actually addressed the issues facing the country and the philosophy behind the policy since 1984. I was not born by 1984. Presidential elections the last quarter century have been more American Idol than a weighty consideration about the future of our country and the solutions needed to make us peaceful and prosperous.

While President Obama will talk about “income equality”, Newt will turn around and ask how exactly that creates jobs. When Obama talks about the need for America to apologize over seas, Newt will ask the president how  this ensures peace for America. Newt will engage the president head-on, reject the premise of the issue set up by the Democrats and their friends in the MSM and present a conservative vision for America in a way that hasn’t been done in a long time.

Can Newt Gingrich be the president? I think so. But I also think that the debate against Obama is incredibly important for the country to see.

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