No, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry are not the same on immigration.

There seems to be a interesting narrative emerging on conservative blogs supportive of Rick Perry, including posts on this one,  that Newt is only following the lead of Governor Perry on education.

Sorry folks, but Newt and Rick Perry are MILES different on immigration:

Newt Gingrich is for border security first and then allowing for communities to review immigration status on a case by case basis for people who have lived here for over 20+ years. They must be otherwise law-abiding, they must agree to learn English, and they have to get to the back of the line in order to attain citizenship.

Rick Perry pandered to Latino voters by allowing for them to receive in-state tuition rates regardless of how they got there. It actually creates a magnet for more illegal immigrants to come in.

Gingrich has a well thought out policy based on what is reasonable and attainable. Rick Perry’s policy is based on what “compassionate conservative” Republican consultants have told him is the right thing to say in order to win Latino votes.

Let’s not pander, let’s offer substantive solutions.


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