The Difference Between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

Three words:

“I was wrong.”

Newt is by no means perfect. Sometimes I think he holds views with nuance for the sake of holding views with nuance. The latest episode of this is his conversation with Jake Tapper on when life begins. (My take: While I believe life begins at conception, I don’t have a problem with Newt’s position, it’s sufficiently pro-life for me.) But, he is at least willing to admit when he’s wrong. He called Doug Hoffman and apologized for endorsing Dede Scozzafava after she went and endorsed the Democratic candidate in the race after dropping out. He called sitting on the couch with Nancy Pelosi “the dumbest single thing” he’d done in years. And while it astounds me that some who claim to be strong Christians keep beating the drum of Newt’s previous marriages with absolutely ZERO grace, some even resorting to terrible, terrible lies, Newt has been uncharacteristically yet sincerely humble about the whole situation going back a few years.

Speaker Gingrich recognizes that people, including himself, make mistakes. They take positions that can be the wrong position and they can admit when they’re wrong. Especially someone with no “off” switch when it comes to sharing his ideas.

Romney on the other hand, has no desire to repudiate his previous mistakes, the biggest being his Massachusetts health care law. And rather than admit that he has made mistakes on positions he’s taken in the past and that he’s taken on new ones, he pretends that he hasn’t made changes in his policy.

For all the talk of Newt Gingrich’s hubris, it seems Mitt’s the one with the humility problem. That’s why Newt’s resonating and Mitt’s tumbling.







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