It’s Time: Let’s Get Behind Gingrich

Ok. We’ve seen the results in Iowa. Perry is gracefully returning to Texas, Bachmann should follow suit. Santorum may pick up some momentum in other states, but let’s get real: When people start looking at Santorum’s record as Erick has outlined here, nice speeches are going to matter less and less the candidates records are going to come into focus more and more. 

For all the supposedly goofy things Speaker Gingrich has said, it’s his accomplishment of things that he’s done that’s most impressive. He has, effectively, won a national election before in a landslide by running on a series of conservative legislative proposals, and he put all of them up for a vote, winning many of them, the most important being the capital gains tax cuts, meaningful spending cuts, and welfare reform. And if his record were not impressive enough his policy proposals are what conservatives have been asking for: a transition to a flat tax, a complete cut of capital gains taxes, further reforms to welfare and other entitlement programs and best of all, a complete repeal of the legislation that Mitt Romney piloted in Massachusetts: ObamaCare.

As much as many of you liked Perry, it’s time to throw in the towel. Let’s not repeat 2008, let’s get behind Newt. He may not be perfect, but there’s plenty to enthusiastically get behind.  And best of all we can beat Romney with him.

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