Potential Late Entrants

Republican voters are not happy with their choices….

Who could possibly come in late to save the day?

(I believe it was) Bill Clinton’s checklist of things you need when running for president DOUBLY apply to a late entrant: 1) Money 2) Base of Support 3) Name Recognition

So who are some Republicans who fit this criteria? Who could quickly raise money, have an automatic base of support, and name recognition? Let’s go through some of the possibilities.

1) Swap Ron Paul for Rand Paul The younger Paul’s views align more naturally with the conservative base of the Republican Party, plus, he’d get his father’s passionate base of support as well. A Rand Paul candidacy could finally split the difference between conservatives and libertarians. The downside? Paul’s been in the senate for just one year, and some conservatives might not be 100% comfortable with some of Paul’s libertarian views. Why would Ron Paul do this? For Paul, the message is more important than the messenger and while his son may not share all of his views, they agree on the most important things.

2) Swap Newt Gingrich for Marco Rubio Newt is passionate about two things: As speaker, he pushed for accomplishing conservative goals (some of them he did) but before he was Speaker, he was chairman of GOPAC which trained young conservative leaders. Newt is passionate about the future of the Republican Party and what better way to illustrate that than putting up someone who is widely seen as a future leader of the conservative movement? The downside? Rubio’s been a senator for a year, the plus for him is he held a leadership position as Speaker of the Florida state Assembly, which is more than Obama held at this time.

3) Swap Rick Santorum for Allen West One thing that is sorely lacking in American political life is leadership, and one thing Allen West just exudes is leadership. Congressman West is on his way to higher office one way or another, but if he presents a compelling plan for America, why not just make him president right away?

4) Swap Rick Perry for Bobby Jindal He’s got the most experience out of all of these potential candidates AND he showed incredible leadership in the absence of leadership from the White House during the oil leak crisis. While he’s not as well known, those who know Jindal are excited by him.

5) Swap all the conservatives in the race for Sarah Palin Yes, I know some of you dread the idea of a Sarah Palin candidacy. But she’d have people willing to drop serious money on her, she has a passionate base of support, and she’s well known. He polling is bad, but that can change easily once she’s contrasted with Obama. She can articulately appeal to tea party Republicans and independents  who have been influenced by the Occupy movement. In many ways she’s the perfect opponent for Obama, the exact opposite of him in every way. She polls badly, but that can change once people see her contrasted with Obama.

We’ve got options people. It would just take people convincing one or more of these candidates to drop out in favor of another candidate.

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