Let’s Split the Difference with Ron Paul

So Ron Paul wants all the other conservatives in the race to drop out and endorse him to take on Mitt Romney.

I agree that conservatives need to coalesce around a candidate, but Ron Paul’s foreign policy prescriptions are just not palatable for me or most conservatives. But there’s no question that Ron Paul has the base of support, the money, and the passion in organization to continue far into this race.

At the same time, We’ve all been talking about a possible late entrant into this race to challenge Romney to the nomination.

So why don’t we split the difference with Dr. Paul? If he drops out and let’s his son, Sen. Rand Paul, who holds the views of his father conservatives like but is  more in line with main stream conservatism on foreign policy, run in his place, let’s rally around Sen Paul. The downside? He’d kind of be learning on the job. He’s only got a year of experience in the Senate. But it’s a hell of a lot better than having Obama or Romney in the White House.

I know it would probably never happen, but one can only dream right?







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