A Question of Character.

While I do not agree with using left-wing socialist arguments against Mitt Romney, there’s something Newt Gingrich brought up that I think is an absolutely valid question:

Not necessarily as conservative voters, but as Christian voters, do we really have to agree with and approve of some of what Mitt Romney did at Bain Capital? There are certainly instances and most of the instances where he was incredibly successful: Staples, Dominos, etc. But do we, as Christians first, capitalists second, have to agree with decisions made by Mitt Romney?

I don’t think Newt or Perry were ever talking about getting the government involved to regulate Bain, I think what they were talking about is character.

I think anyone running a small business would say making a profit is the most important thing they could do as a company and that is certainly true, but it’s also important to think about the livelihood of your employees and the people who work for you, no? It’s important to look at how your company serves the local economy and what would happen if you went out of business?

Please do not get me wrong: I’m not saying that the government should have regulated Bain so that Mitt COULDN’T do what we did, but should he have done what he did?

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