Sorry Establishment…

Feigned outrage is not going to work on us.

Having some inaccuracies about Mitt Romney’s career is not as bad as suggesting Newt supports China’s one child policy. 

And Newt repudiating his Super PAC DOES show tremendous leadership, not disorder or implosion.

And I’m sorry, but conservative talk radio hosts blasting Perry and Gingrich or saying Gingrich has been making the arguments “King of Bain” was making have either not been paying attention to what Newt has been saying or have not watched “King of Bain” and should probably do a little more research before commenting on it. Gingrich and Perry were too broad and a bit over the top, but they were certainly not attacking capitalism.

We’re onto Romney, we’re beginning to take ground, we realize you (the Establishment) don’t like it, but get over it.


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