Romney Adviser: GOP President Probably Won’t Repeal ObamaCare.

Newt Gingrich needs to go sing this from the roof tops.

Norm Coleman, a former Minnesota Senator and adviser to Mitt Romney, has declared that a Republican President will probably not completely repeal ObamaCare:

“You will not repeal the act in its entirety, but you will see major changes, particularly if there is a Republican president,” Coleman told BioCentury This Week television in an interview that aired on Sunday. “You can’t whole-cloth throw it out. But you can substantially change what’s been done.”

The article does go on to say that Romney is distancing himself from Coleman:

“With all due respect to Sen. Coleman, he’s wrong,” campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said via e-mail. “Gov. Romney can and will repeal Obamacare and is committed to doing so.”

Good. But this is just another example of an adviser and surrogate Mitt Romney choosing to surround himself with making wimpy arguments. Let’s not forget that former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu blasted Gingrich for attempting to block former President George H. W. Bush’s tax increase. Sununu said Gingrich’s stand may have been a contribution to President Bush’s loss. (Memo to Sununu and other establishment GOP: your actions are the reason for your losses)

A Romney operative has said that if Romney looses Florida, the establishment will look for an alternative. Why don’t we speed that process up?


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