Oh For the Love of All That’s Right….

I am so SICK and TIRED of so-called “conservative” blogs and news sites pulling left-wing media tactics against a candidate whom they have an obvious PERSONAL dislike.

Is Newt Gingrich perfect? No. But for all intents and purposes where it counted, Newt Gingrich is a solid conservative. Mitt Romney is not.

Mitt Romney has spent all of the last 6 years trying to run away from his liberal record in Massachusettes!

Mitt Romney called himself a “progressive Republican”

Mitt Romney championed “fees” as a means of raising taxes without calling them “taxes”

Mitt Romney GRANDFATHERED ObamaCare with RomneyCare in Massachusetts!

Even with ALL of that, it’s not what bothers me most about Romney. What really ticks me off about him is entitlement to this nomination. When he’s been challenged, he’s lashed out putting out pathetic attack ads, using information that was widely debunked from conservative talk radio host Mark Levin, establishment Washington fixture Byron York and even Nancy Pelosi’s OFFICE!

Meanwhile Drudge, Coulter, and the like go on attacking Newt Gingrich.

The man who did what even the greatest President in my lifetime, Ronald Reagan, never did: balanced the federal budget for four straight years!

Newt lead the first Republican take over of the House of Representatives in 40 years.

Newt took a projected $2 Trillion deficit over 10 years and turned it into a projected $2 Trillion surplus over  10 years. And the yearly surpluses EXCEEDED CBO estimates, meaning there is a possibility we could have had a more than $2 Trillion surplus over 10 years.

Newt didn’t just talk about reforming entitlements, he actually did it! When President Clinton vetoed the legislation, he didn’t give up, he kept sending the legislation until he signed it.

Newt took on H.W. when he tried raising taxes.

Newt shut down the federal government when the Clinton administration was not being cooperative.

Newt is a conservative fighter.

Polls are meaningless, polls at this time showed John McCain beating Barack Obama. Look at how well that turned out. What voters need is a sharp contrast! They need to know the kind of America conservatives are for versus the kind of America Obama is for.

And I am so OVER all of these “conservatives” engaging in Saul Alinsky, left wing tactics to try and get their guy elected.

These “conservative” media outlets need to GROW UP.

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