Should We Rebel?

I want you to know, as I did in my post when I asked when it’s time for a third party, that under normal circumstances my response is “get in line” but I have been rethinking this lately. Let’s look at the post-WWII GOP nomination list and their affiliation on the political spectrum.

1952 – Eisenhower – moderate

1956 – Eisenhower – moderate

1960 – Nixon – liberal

1964 – Goldwater – conservative

1968 – Nixon – liberal

1972 – Nixon – liberal

1976 – Ford – moderate

1980 – Reagan – conservative

1984 – Reagan – conservative

1988 – Bush – moderate

1992 – Bush – moderate

1996 – Dole – moderate

2000 – Bush – moderate

2004 – Bush – moderate

2008 – McCain – moderate

2012 – probably Romney – moderate

Out of 15 times, we’ve put forth a conservative candidate three times. We’re supposed to be the conservative party and yet the GOP never seems to want to nominate conservatives. Now, if we vote for Romney the best thing that could happen is that the conservative movement works to challenge him, a sitting president, for the nomination in 4 years time. A worse thing would be President Obama wins another four years because of a dispirited conservative base, but the absolute worst thing that could happen? The conservative movement lines up behind President Romney, just like conservatives did through the ’00’s with President Bush.

I’m ok with voting against President Obama by voting for Romney in the general election, but us conservatives have to make a commitment that we are not going to stand for this in the Republican party any more. We can not make excuses for him. If he says dumb things, we have to acknowledge it, and if he does things that are anti-conservative, we’ve got to fight him tooth and nail to defeat him, just like we did President Obama.

No more Presidents hiding behind the (R) that follows their name.

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