A Fair Take on Sarah Palin

Needless to say, the new HBO film “Game Change” is a load of crap. Based on accounts from disgruntled campaign staffers with a vendetta to take down on Gov. Palin (yes, we’re looking at your Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace.) Further the book “Game Change” was really primarily about Sen. Hillary Clinton and now President Barack Obama duking it out for the Democratic nomination which is where the interest of the authors was really during this whole process. Only 10% of the book was about Palin and it’s based on the account of a McCain adviser who traveled with Palin a grand total of four times.

That being said, there is a tendency for those close to Palin to try and shield her. Look, I love Governor Palin, had she run for president I would have been behind her, but she didn’t have the best VP run, she was plucked from obscurity and was clearly learning national politics on the spot.

If you want a fair picture of Sarah Palin written with accounts from people who were with her and were willing to go on the record, read “Sarah from Alaska” by Scott Conroy and Shushanah Walshe. Like any great bio, it doesn’t always paint the subject in the most favorable light (read “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson and see what you think about the late Apple founder personally afterwards), but it is fair and it does leave you with the impression that while she may have been unprepared Palin is a very smart person and an incredibly savvy politician. It’s a fair take and I think it’s the reason the Palin camp leaks info to Walshe and Conroy.

Read that book rather than waste your time with that movie.

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