If Newt Drops Out, I’m Voting For Romney.

I know this might shock some conservatives, but those of us supporting Newt Gingrich for President aren’t necessarily going to just jump right over to Rick Santorum.

Rick Santorum is not a conservative.

He’s voted time and time again for stupid policies like No Child Left Behind and the Prescription Drug Benefit (which, to my amazement, Newt continues to support.) His excuse of “getting behind the leader” doesn’t fly. A real true conservative leader would have stood up to dumb policies like that…. or Romney’s Health Care Bill.

Which is why it makes me absolutely sick that I might actually have to pull the trigger for Romney in June when California finally gets to vote. Why am I choosing Romney over Santorum?

Because while Romney is also quite liberal for a Republican, he’s not running around telling people he’s a conservative like Santorum is. When Bush, another liberal Republican, went around telling people he was a conservative it gave people the wrong impression about what conservatism is. Our conservative forefathers, Coolidge, Taft, Goldwater, and Reagan would barf if someone told them that the 2000′s administration and government was supposedly “conservative” with it’s record levels of spending, unbelievable new entitlements, unmanageable federal regulations and mandates, and the list goes on and on. Rick Santorum was a leader in the senate, he dutifully got in line, and like Bush, he’ll use his social stances, which are becoming less and less popular as the days go on, to claim he’s a conservative.

If Santorum wins the nomination and becomes president, the conservative movement is badly badly damaged. We need a true fiscal and defense conservative leader to represent conservative ideals and more importantly teach a generation that is increasingly anti-traditionalist about conservative values. The man to do that is not Rick Santorum. It’s not Mitt Romney either, but he’s not going to damage the conservative brand by trying to claim it as his own.

I know Gingrich isn’t going to win the nomination. I’m still voting for him out of principle, but if you want him to drop out, I’m going to vote for Romney and I’m sure I’m not alone.

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