I kind of like that we’ve got a super rich guy as our nominee…

With Hilary Rosen’s attack on Ann Romney, and the Romney campaign’s amazingly well coordinated response, the Obama campaign has been awakened quite rudely to the fact that the Romney campaign is not going to idly sit back and allow the president to continue to divide the country. 

I have not been a fan of Mitt Romney to say the least, but his campaign’s response to the attacks on his incredible wife, lead by Mrs Romney herself, has been fantastic and has made me way more optimistic about our chances in November.

While I am not a professional political professional by any stretch, my reccomendation to the Romney campaign would be this: with an improving economy, exploit your wealth. The message should be “I owe my wealth and prosperity to the American dream, I have been able to help people create wealth and prosperity with their families and I know what it takes to create an environment that can help you create wealth and prosperity for your families.” We may never be as wealthy as Mitt Romney, but I think every American would like to prosper whatever that looks like for them. 

Romney can point out he represents the ideal of what America is all about. President Obama on the other hand wants to punish success, punish prosperity, punish wealth. 

My hunch is, based on their response to Rosengate, some variation of what I have posted is what the Romney campaign will put out.

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