An Open Letter to Gary Johnson and Other Libertarians

Change Happens from Within.

Dear Gov. Johnson,

First of all, thank you. Thank you for meaning what you say, for promoting limited government and true fiscal conservatism. It’s one thing to say these things, it’s another thing altogether to actually govern that way. You have one of the best governing records of all time and I am sorry that you did not resonate in the GOP primaries more. You have some differences with many in the Republican base, but I think they would have appreciated your voice in the debates.

And the base is why I am writing this to you, Gov. Johnson and many other Libertarians who have jumped ship from the Republican Party. We need a base expansion in the GOP. The establishment is calling for us to moderate, but I think this is a big mistake. The fact of the matter is you got 1.1 million votes in this last election, while Romney would still have lost the election, in some of the states that made a real difference. I realize that some in the party have gotten crazy with social issues for you guys. I realize that you are tired of sending these people to Washington only to be disappointed when they don’t say what they’re going to do. But you can’t change anything from the outside, Gov. Johnson. You can only change things from the inside. Things are changing. Younger conservatives think differently than our elders on a lot of issues and while we’d still might have differences about abortion, many of us (more than you would think) would agree with you on marriage equality, while we may disagree on ending the way on drugs, we might be open to keeping on eye on Washington and Colorado to see how marijuana legalization works out there to see if we can work out something here.

Unless there’s a complete and total collapse of the Republican Party (which I wouldn’t rule out), the Libertarian Party isn’t going anywhere. So here’s what I’m proposing. If we can promise to be serious about fiscal issues and at least listen and have a debate with you on social issues, would you consider joining us to make sure that the Democratic Party doesn’t have a huge foothold on things again? We could use your commitment to these most important issues, the stuff government actually can affect, we could use the enthusiasm (and more importantly, the youth) of the libertarian movement. Join with us in coalition, let’s take out the blight that is liberal statism on this country! You can only change something from the inside!

Thank you Governor! And best of luck to you in your future endeavors!


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