These Ridiculous Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Just so we’re clear, aren’t these negotiations supposed to be about closing the gap on the deficit? That deficit this year will reach around $1.2 Trillion this year alone? And the presidents solution? $1.6 trillion over TEN YEARS assuming people don’t move their money around to avoid the new income taxes to people making over $250,000.

I get the sneaking suspicion that President Obama and the Democrats really aren’t all that concerned or serious about the debt and deficit. Even serious liberal economists (I’m NOT looking at you, Paul Krugman) acknowledge we need permanent tax reform (broadening the base by lowering the rates) along with spending cuts in order to get our economy roaring again.

No, this “fiscal cliff” talk is all designed to do one thing: make our economy “fair” in the liberals view. Yes, this is all about the left believing that the so called rich (where I live, a household income of $250,000 means you can afford to buy a house in a decent neighborhood) don’t pay enough. It has nothing to do with the fiscal crisis we’ve been in for years now.

Speaker Boehner needs to stop playing footsie with the President and demand he get serious about the issues we’re facing.

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