Right/Left? How about Success/Failure?

The media's obsession with politics is hurting our country.

The media’s obsession with framing every argument politically is hurting our country. I was sitting in Starbucks today when I saw a gentlemen across from me reading an article in  the Wall Street Journal (a by and large conservative newspaper), “Centrist Republican Governor Tacks Right”. It was about Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder coming out in favor of right to work laws after running a pro-labor (by Republican standards) campaign for governor. Is it just me or is that a little silly?

All data points to right to work laws creating jobs in states that have them. The left have arguments too, chiefly that right to work laws tend to produce lower paying jobs (to which I would respond, “it’s better than no jobs and permanently crippling industries with dirty union games.”)

Why does WSJ and other media outlets insist on making a political argument? In WSJ’s case, it’s mimicking what the rest of the overwhelmingly liberal media do. The only way the left can win arguments is on politics. Politics is fantasy land you see, governing? That’s the real world and when the arguments are actually broken down, when the conversation becomes about policies that are a success versus policies that are miserable failures they lose every single time.

Republican elected officials should not fall into the trap of left. Let’s talk about the actual policies. They’ll find that half the time the left has no actual policy argument and the other half of the time, their policy arguments are flimsy at best, but mostly laughable.

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