An Open Letter to Ann Reid, Scott Terry, and the MSM

Race and the GOP.

Ann Reid of the Giro was on MSNBC on Monday seems to believe that most people at CPAC agreed with a troll heckler, Scott Terry, a fringe white nationalist. I would like a moment to respond to Ms. Reid, Mr. Terry, MSNBC and the mainstream media who endlessly promotes fringe people like this.

Dear Ms. Reid:

I understand you are not interested in understanding conservatives and conservatism and are first and foremost a liberal Democrat trying to undermine and marginalize the Republican Party. But Ms. Reid, have you no dignity? The video clearly shows the reaction to Mr. Terry. It was one of shock, people laughing at the absurdity of his absolutely vile suggestion that slavery was good for African Americans. Little Green Footballs, a liberal blog, did some research on Mr. Terry and found that he is a white supremacist outlier, clearly not in the mainstream of conservative thought. He also does not think like a conservative, talking about “black group interest” and “white group interest” Ms. Reid, conservatives don’t believe in “group interest” we believe in individual interest. We don’t subscribe to the theory about “Booker T Washington Republicanism” that Mr. Terry puts forth because we believe each individual has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that natural rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence can not be regulated by the government. It is why the Republican Party was founded. To eradicate the absolute abomination that was slavery in this country. It would be absurd to think slavery even existed in this country if the effects of slavery were not felt today. That is what we think, Ms. Reid. And we think Mr. Terry is an abominable whack job.

Dear Mr. Terry,

You said that the Republican Party is going after minorities at the expense of young southern whites. You are completely missing the point. We’re after freedom loving Americans from all backgrounds of all ethnicities. We are for individual liberty for every American. And we are tired of morons like you trying to co-opt our movement. It looks like you’re apart of a lot of groups who espouse “Christianity” in their beliefs. It would do you well to meet a man named Jesus, learn about what he stood for and rethink your views of your fellow human beings.

Dear Mainstream Media and especially MSNBC,

As I recall, when half of the Democratic National Convention booed recognizing the state of Israel in it’s party platform, you went to great lengths to ensure your audience that it was merely an “oversight” on behalf of party organizers. Look, I’m not for conservatives whining about main stream media coverage. For one thing, you’re a dying breed. For another, people are going to have their biases, it’s human nature. But this is just silly. We had a weekend of speeches from the future stars of the Republican Party. Sarah Palin drank a Big Gulp and blasted Karl Rove, Sen. Rand Paul, a libertarian, won the CPAC Staw Poll by a comfortable margin and you’re choosing to cover some random whack job troll in a breakout session? You’ve got to be kidding me. While some conservatives asked questions about it, most weren’t out trying to paint the Democratic Party as anti-semitic following the incident at the DNC.

Perhaps if your reporters actually spent time with real conservatives and got to learn their cultures, perhaps they wouldn’t be so quick to jump on stories like this. It honestly just hurts your credibility at this point.

Ms. Reid, MSM, and MSNBC, despite our honest disagreements, I wish you the best.

Mr. Terry, I wish you would find the real Jesus and free yourself of your oppressive hate.


J. Leg

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