Democrats Heckled Bush During 2005 SOTU Speech

    The MSM narrative over the next few days will focus on how despicable the Republicans are for heckling Obama during his healthcare speech before Congress (although it was only one Congressman, who immediately apologized). What they won’t tell you is that a number of Democrats heckled Bush during his 2005 State Of The Union address, in a remarkably similar context: Social Security. Time Magazine, 2005 | Read More »

    The Liberal Attack On The American Family: The Nadya Suleman Edition

    By now, everyone who pays any attention to the news at all is familiar with the story of Nadya Suleman, the 33 year old single unemployed mom of 6 who recently gave birth to octuplets conceived through in vitro fertilization. The outrage, particularly from the MSM and the left, has been loud and venomous. The “Octomom” has “stoked furor among many people” says MSNBC, leading | Read More »

    Mr. President, Put Up Or Be Quiet

    Dear Mr. President: I read with great interest your Op-Ed in the Washington Post today. In it you state that every day without passage of your stimulus bill leads us further and further into the abyss. You further make the extraordinary claim that if this bill fails to pass, the United States may reach the point of no return. For a nation that has bounced | Read More »


    The Media Escape Reality

    In continuation of their slavish devotion to their master Barack Obama, the media has not only abandoned any claim to impartiality but also any semblence of rationality. Take a look at this article and thank me for introducing some chuckles into your daily routine. AP: On a tough day, Obama escapes for a while Washington (AP) – On the rockiest day of his young administration, | Read More »

    A Trillion Dollars In Terms You Can Understand

    Much has been written about the proposed “stimulus” bill. Perhaps we should take a moment to contemplate what a trillion dollars is before it we spend it on a program which even its’ proponents aren’t sure will work. Courtesy of the Dallas Morning News (pdf) among others: A Trillion Dollars could give every high school student in the US a free college education. A Trillion | Read More »

    The Stimulus Bill: The Republicans Iraq War Resolution

    In 2002 in the run-up to the war in Iraq, Democrats in Congress faced a dilemma. In the aftermath of 9/11, President George W. Bush, realizing that kicking the Iraq can down the road was no longer an option, was determined to deal with Saddam Hussein forthwith. Public opinion was very much for the war, in even greater percentages then now support Obama (upwards of | Read More »

    Joe Biden Goes To Lunch (Harry Reid Was Against The Lunch Before He Was For It)

    Remember before the election when Harry Ried said this? Washington — In a move to reassert Congressional independence at the start of the new presidential administration, the vice president will be barred from joining weekly internal Senate deliberations, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun. Reid’s decision to exclude Vice President-elect Joe Biden from the Senate arena where | Read More »


    Does President Barack Obama Deserve A Chance?

    To My Dear Friends On The Left With regard to your request that I give our new president, Mr. Barack H. Obama, a chance to succeed in his new office, I’d like to share with you a number of things that I’ve learned in the past eight years from you and your friends. First of all, I learned how to hate. I learned load myself | Read More »


    The Face Of Terror’s Victims

    Democrats and liberals whine non-stop about Guantanamo Bay, torture, Abu-Ghraib, human rights, international law yada, yada, yada. They have made it a priority for the Obama administration to correct the “war crimes” of the President Bush and are pushing for legal action against those involved in the War on Terror. The next time any Democrat launches into their cliched, naive rant about “terrorist rights”, they | Read More »

    Hey, Republicans When You Figure Out A Media Strategy, Call Me; Untill Then, So Long.

    The pundits on our side (the conservative side) are outdoing each other, attempting to pin the tail on how the donkey resoundingly stomped all over the elephant these past two election cycles. They are missing the huge forest for the minor trees. For every supposed Republican wrongdoing, there is a Democratic sin of equal or greater proportion. You say too far to the right, I | Read More »