Obama Endorses Cao’s Opponent

    So this was interesting. Anh “Joseph” Cao, certainly the furthest-left Republican in the House, who voted for ObamaCare, …eh, enough said. Having been elected in a heavily (and I mean heavily) Democratic district in NOLA, beating out ethically starved incumbent William Jefferson, John Boehner declared triumphantly at the time that “the future is Cao.” His election came a mere month after Mr. Obama’s being elected president, | Read More »

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    Alleged “Thrill Kill” Sergeant

    Of course we’re still in the “alleged” phase, but a few poignant questions do arise: 1. Does the media do a disservice to the military by highlighting stories like these (good TV), while as is often lamented, not bringing much attention to all the good being done in Iraq/Afghanistan/elsewhere (“boring” TV)? 2. How much does this jeopardize the Allied forces’ relationships with Afghan civilians? 3. | Read More »

    Sweet Social Justice: Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge

    Fox News, as part of its “Florida Retiree Morning” series detailing endless cases of hummingbirds given priority over human safety, is making a big deal out of the Harris Neck story. It’s the case of a once “thriving” community (in one of the poorest counties in Georgia), whose landowners were kicked off their land during WWII to allow for the construction of an airstrip. Several decades ago, it | Read More »

    Legislating From the Bench

    This is a very common quip from those on the right, usually following any ruling involving something to do with gay rights*. And it’s a great case of crying wolf. I was under the impression that by having three branches of government, the executive, legislative, and judicial, rights would thus be guaranteed and defended one way or another. If one branch overstepped its bounds, or in | Read More »

    Christine O’Donnell. Ugh.

    There are few sane voices out there right now concerning this candidacy. If I were in a position where my voice carried weight, I would certainly caution–strongly–against going all-in on this candidacy. There’s a reason the heavyweights (save Mark Levin, alas) aren’t putting any stock in Christine O’Donnell, but there’s also a reason many grassroots conservatives are slowly and blindly lining up behind her, and | Read More »

    Muslim Cab Driver Attacked — By Leftist

    A drunk “social justice” filmographer allegedly stabbed a NYC cab driver multiple times after asking “are you Muslim?” reports the NY Daily News. He recently returned from filming in Afghanistan, and his group has actually endorsed the Park 51 Ground Zero mosque proposal. The details, as reported by NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly (whom I once lived kitty-corner to, as a totally unrelated sidenote) are a bit | Read More »

    Ted Stevens Aboard Crashed Alaska Plane

    Praying & following very closely.

    Clint Didier

    A Palin- and Paul-endorsee, Clint Didier is seeking the Republican nomination to challenge the incumbent U.S. Senator from Washington, Patty Murray. I say he’s got a real chance. An interesting three-way interview with Ron Paul can be found here. Paul mentions some of the very recent primary victories for his own endorsees, referencing the “amazing political climate” this election year; Didier, like Ron’s son Rand, | Read More »

    “Sorry, Shirley Sherrod!”

    That seem to be the going meme in conservative circles since, oh, about yesterday. The Obama administration apparently thought they ought to apply the lesson of the Van Jones incident and “throw [X] under the bus before Glenn Beck plasters it on cable for 6 weeks” but they were wrong…now they (esp. their Secretary of Agriculture, who is incidentally a big ‘biofuels’ guy–but no matter) | Read More »

    Ken Connor on John Stossel

    I have to agree with Ken Connor here: Stossel is dead wrong. The Constitutional ideal simply cannot work without the accountability that the legal system affords claimants (and the defense in a given case, of course). One oft-presented example is that of pollution–without the ability of individuals or groups to bring a case against a polluter, we would have to rely solely on potentially outdated | Read More »