Health Care Vote Sunday: Calculated Risk

I think Speaker Pelosi et al. are taking a calculated political risk. Obama’s political advisers seriously believe that not passing the bill would be disastrous for his administration (I think either passing it or not will be disastrous at this point) and the Democratic congressional leadership agrees, fearing even worse losses in November should they not have at least something whose benefits they can lie about on the campaign trail.

Nobody pays enough attention to ‘procedural matters’ or such anyway, except for those, like tea party activists, who are insatiably anti-incumbent anyway. The risk of not passing this bill that Obama and Congress have promised again and again for…now approaching a few years, is greater than the risk of yet another corrupt D.C. deal plastered all over cable TV and newspaper headlines.

The common American isn’t even going to flinch. After $787 billion dollars–er, scratch that–after decades of corrupt deals and Capitol Hill grandstanding, what’s ‘deem and pass’ to the average voter?

Cross-posted at http://truthupfront.blogspot.com

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