Much Ado About Nothing?

    I support the  Indiana RFRA without clarifications or modifications.  I also support public discussions based on the actual facts.   After digging into to the details of the Indiana RFRA controversy over the past couple of days, it is clear to me that  99.9% of the arguments on the Indiana RFRA have nothing to do with the actual statute. Douglas Laycock, a professor at the University | Read More »

    How we can start NOW to chip away at the monstrosity of Obamacare

    We all want to repeal the ACA as soon as possible. I support Cruz’s call for a complete repeal. I believe that such a bill has passed the House approximately 40 times already, but I am all for doing it again and again and again. That being said, there are some additional things we can do that: (1) will get more Democrat votes that an | Read More »

    Playing smart—playing to win—playing with the team that we have

    Let me first say that although I live in Michigan, I am no fan of Congressman Upton. I will NEVER use one of those mercury bomb light bulbs in my house. That being said, even mediocre squirrels can find a nice nut, sometimes by sheer luck. There are many of people on the center-right side of the political divide who think that we can avoid | Read More »

    Why the “fixes” don’t matter and should not be avoided

    President Obama’s administrative fix is irrelevant. Landrieu’s bill is irrelevant. Upton’s bill is irrelevant. I agree with Rush Limbaugh in saying that these “fixes” cannot possible work. It is all smoke and mirrors. No insurance company is going to undue months of planning to offer up resurrected plans that have already been terminated under state regulations. Too much uncertainty and too little promise of profits. Anything | Read More »

    A pathway to repeal in 2017

    There is a lot of chatter about avoiding any “fixes” to Obamacare. The right is united about seeing Obamacare repealed, but I don’t think any of the various factions of the center-right coalition are being realistic about how precisely repeal can occur. 2012 was the last best chance to avoid the morass of Obamacare. The American vote blew that opportunity, and our options at this | Read More »

    What the heck happened in 2012?

    As the ACA aka Obamacare marches forward to implementation, the news has become increasingly dominated with stories about people losing their insurance coverage.  I myself am amongst the estimated 93 million Americans who will have their insurance coverage discontinued due to the ACA. By now, the right-center blogosphere is circulating the fact that back in 2010, the HHS estimated that 93 million Americans would | Read More »

    So you want to stick it to the VA GOP and help conservative candidates in the process?

    There is a lot of discussion about the VA primary ballot fiasco.  In a lot of ways, this development is a Rorschach test of what is wrong with out country today.  Lots of stupid rules that are used by those in power in play gotcha games with the  governed.  Well, I am a big fan of forcing those in power to swallow that which they force the rest | Read More »

    The Presidential Primaries: Circular Firing Squads and Dictionary Abuse

    I. State of the race A lot of people aren’t particularly thrilled with the candidates running for President. Many Romney supporters seem to support Romney because they say “nobody else  can win in November.” Not a glowing sales pitch, whatever the merits of the candidate.   Most of the Newt supporters I know seem to support Newt because he is the anti-Romney “who can win”and is showing | Read More »

    A call to unity! The necessity of voting out Obama in 2012 and stopping the leftist tilt of the 20th Century

    I will vote for the Republican nominee for President in 2012. I will only vote to send Republicans to Washington DC. I will take the opportunity to try and convince others to do likewise. I make these statements enthusiastically and unequivocally. This may not be big news since I have always voted to send Republicans to DC. Not once in my life have I ever | Read More »

    A trojan horse for killing Obamacare in 2011

      There is no doubt in my mind that repeal of the monstrosity known as Obamacare is a necessity for preserving our Republic in a recognizable state.  If Obamacare were to survive through to its full implementation, the balance between the private and public sectors would forever be out alignment.  Moreover, it would become harder and harder to repeal or even fix as people allowed | Read More »