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    Labor Day 2010: Catholic Church Exposed in Call for Social Justice & Redistribution

    I was born and raised as a Catholic. My parents were very devout and ensured I attended regular Sunday Masses, Catechism classes, participation in the Sacraments including two years of Confirmation classes, and I attended a Catholic High School. Clearly, my life has been heavily influenced by the Catholic Church. Which is why I am saddened now at the prospect of denouncing my Catholicism. Like | Read More »

    VJ Day August 14, 1945: A tribute to my Great Uncle

    My grandmother’s brother, Robert Cotanch, was born on January 9, 1918 in Milwaukee, WI. He was one of four children born to William Cotanch and Irene Benner Cotanch. On September 29, 1941 he enlisted in the US Army Air Corps. During 1945 he was assigned to the 315th Bomb Wing, 501st Bomb Group, 485th Bomb Squadron, Crew #71 and stationed in Guam. He was the | Read More »

    Nathan Deal’s Record (R-Cand GA Gov): NOT a True Conservative (UPDATED)

    Scroll for updates. Nathan Deal’s sound bite lately is that he is the “True Conservative” in the Georgia Republican race for Governor. A close look at his record in Congress says otherwise. On April 10, 1995 Nathan Deal switched from the Democrat party to the Republican Party citing his fiscal conservatism and desire for limited government. Then Nathan Deal participated in the largest era ever | Read More »

    Newt Exposes His Biggest Flaw on Hannity Tonight

    Hannity had a segment on his show tonight with Newt Gingrich whereby they discussed the NAACP allegations that the Tea Party is racist and also the newly discovered Breibart video of admitted racist Shirley Sherrod (formerly) of the USDA. Newt’s suggestion for moving past all the talk of racism was for the local Tea Party members to reach out to local chapters of the NAACP | Read More »

    I am a government employee reporting waste of your tax dollars today

    I am a federal employee. I was hired by the FAA in 1989 after (5 years in the US Navy) as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC). I currently work in an administrative capacity for a small group of about 25 technicians who travel all throughout the southeastern US region maintaining and repairing equipment vital to the function of the national airway system. This includes systems | Read More »

    ACTION: Georgia Atty General is NOT joining other States in HC lawsuit (UPDATED)

    Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will file a lawsuit. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott posted this press release sometime after midnight on his official website: Following the passage of the health care legislation, the Texas Attorney General provided the following statement: “The federal health care legislation passed tonight violates the United States Constitution and unconstitutionally infringes upon Texans’ individual liberties. To protect all Texans’ constitutional | Read More »


    Tea Party Patriots Saturday Surge on DC (Updated)

    Tea Party Patriots is already in the process of planning another surge on Capitol Hill this Saturday called Operation Urgent Care. The tentative plans to meet Saturday March 20th at 10am at the East Lawn of the Capitol (East Capitol Circle, same side of the Capitol as the Supreme Court Building). . From their email today: “Many people are emailing us requesting we be available | Read More »

    Pelosi’s March 16th “Tea Party Etiquette” Memo

    Conservative radio host and blogger Dana Loesch just tweeted that she just received a memo dated today written by Doug Thornell, one of Pelosi’s aides, in preparation for the massive rallies taking place tomorrow. Dana highlights the relevant absurd parts: “As many of you have read, tomorrow, Tuesday, March 16, 2010, tens of thousands of conservative and Tea Party activists will be on the Hill | Read More »

    Emancipating another “Kennedy Seat”

    Hell hath no fury like that of a voter scorned. Apparently, the grassroots arm of the Scott Brown campaign known as the “Brown Brigade” didn’t take too kindly to criticisms of Representative Patrick J. Kennedy (D-RI) when he called Scott Browns campaign “a joke”. In response, they’ve begun a coordinated effort to unseat Kennedy by throwing their newly acquired activism skills behind the opposing Republican | Read More »

    Martha Coakley Video: Spreading the Wealth is a Civic Duty or Something

    Apparently, Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate in the upcoming Massachusetts special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s senate seat, is in it to save our souls. In a speech she gave on November 13, 2009 to the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization  (GBIO) she opined the following : “I think it’s a part of all of our responsibilities in civic life to do a little bit of | Read More »