Jesus was probably a pedophile

    I’ve never spoken to Jesus.  I don’t know anyone who did.  I don’t know anyone who knew what he was like.  I have no basis for which to say, “Jesus was probably a pedophile.”  I would have no motive to even suggest it, unless I was in the business of being evil.  If I were evil, I would probably enjoy planting a seed of doubt, | Read More »


    Why Huckabee would be the last Republican I’d vote for

    I’d like to see any support for Huckabee shifted over to Palin or other candidate.  I don’t see any sense in considering Huckabee after his support of Lorned Michaels of SNL.  Saturday Night Live! director Lorne Michaels gave the green light to the skit where a cast member “joked” that Todd Palin must be having sex with his daughters.  The incident proved to me, that Lorne Michaels | Read More »

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    With love, from Michigan. I hope you know sarcasm when you see it.

    Although this post took extensive editing to remove unpublishable language, I’m not about to pull any punches in content.  I also have a first-rate flame suit so don’t worry about biting your tongue either.  I am just astounded by the ignorance of the arguments against the “auto bailout.”  Now that I have 49 out of every 50 of you fired up, here’s how we see it in Michigan. First of | Read More »

    Don’t make decisions today while using 20-yr. old stereotypes

    **Let me start this point by using a very accurate analogy. I need a room of 100 people who have a working knowledge of motorcycles. If I ask them about the reliability of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, RECENT surveys suggest that 93 of my 100 will say that H-D motorcycles are unreliable, they shake like mad, they leak oil, they are difficult to maintain, and don’t | Read More »

    I hope the GOP is full speed ahead for 2012

    **Anyone who recalls seeing Marion Barry re-elected should know that, in 2012, Barack Obama will get 95% of the black vote no matter what he does, period. No matter how many screwups are made, they will be forgiven, spun, and forgotten. Most Democrats will forgive any flaws in Obama’s candidacy since it means they will be kept on the gravy train without doing anything. The | Read More »


    In case any Democrats forgot…

    **Dear Gentlemen and Democrats, I know you recall a couple of airplanes flying into a big building a few years back. Do you also remember those same cowards gloating the Americans classically lack RESOLVE? Yeah, Bin Laden thought we’d drop a few bombs and call it even. So, Al Qaeda, how do you like us now? That was George Bush who hung in there and | Read More »

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    It was a mistake for Sarah, it’s a mistake for John

    **Hey, I love these two candidates of ours, but what’s with this infatuation for the SNL appearances! Look, they do everything they can to make Sarah and John look like village idiots. You KNOW the cast loathes both of them. You’re NOT going to get any NET increase of votes. And all they’re doing is making SNL and NBC stronger, and more influential, for Obama’s | Read More »

    A man with 40 years in newspapers clues me in on “Faux Polls”

    **A man I’ll call Bill, was in the newspaper business 40 years, and retired less than a year. He tells me about a tool called Faux Polls. Regardless of media, radio, T.V., or printed, faux polls have been around a long time, but gaining in popularity, especially this year. Faux polls are polls which are invented to promote a point, and at the same time, | Read More »

    Tens of thousands of Michigan UAW members hoodwinked by Obama!!

    **The rank and file UAW has been telling every member to support Obama because of his support for the auto industry in Michigan. The government is very close to loaning General Motors the money they need to merge with Chrysler. “Merge” is a very unusual term in this case. Word leaked out of GM stockholders meetings is that GM told everyone to “Relax because GM | Read More »


    Is it just the increase in traffic that’s slowing up Redstate?

    **Feels like someone threw a switch and it can take hours for me to get on the site now. I have High Speed and a hot-rod computer, but it is taking a very long time to navigate through signing on or making responses. Just the volume of traffic?