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    How do YOU get the word out about the Precinct Strategy?

    Our Spartanburg, SC County GOP had a table at our county fair this weekend.  Prominently displayed was a map of our county with the UNORGANIZED precinct highlighted with sticky dots.  It was eye catching, and people stopped to look for where they lived, not even knowing what it was about. In our discussions with those who stopped by we handed out the following flyer: Have | Read More »

    How to smack down a clueless lefty re: school choice tax credits

    I had a bit of an online discussion with one of those progressive leftists “FOR THE CHILDREN” types who just doesn’t understand the economics of school choice/tax credits and the benefits to children when freedom is applied to education.   Prompted this post, which captures my replies to her. I’ll preface with this: Two things are paramount to success in any American venture: 1. When Americans | Read More »

    Return to the fold? The Tea Party has burrowed into OUR party!

    A good Sunday chuckle as I see the pale pastel Republicans getting giddy over a blog about Tea Partiers returning to the “GOP fold.” We’ve been there all along. And you bet we’re in the fold. We’re in the precincts. We are the precinct executive committeemen taking the votes at the county GOP meetings. We’re in the fold as County GOP Officers. We’re in the | Read More »

    Who would stand in the way of SC military voters?

    Jamie Self at reports on the Carolina Conservatives United press conference in South Carolina this morning re: runoff elections: A state Republican Party leader and state Election Commission spokesman say no problem exists with the state’s two-week runoff after primaries when the leading candidate fails to get more than 50 percent of the vote. The state already has in place a system for ensuring | Read More »

    The conservatives who achieved this were those who got involved “inside” our Party. Period.

    I’ve posted several blogs on the Spartanburg Tea Party page and by now you’ve seen the news. AZGOP censures John McCain. My friend ColdWarrior had everything to do with this, along with other like minded, and laser focused patriots in AZ. Today he shared this: FreedomWorks did not achieve this. Nor did Tea Party Patriots. Nor did Americans for Prosperity. Nor did . . . | Read More »

    The IRS targeted Laurens County Tea Party (SC)

    Laurens County Tea Party President Dianne Belsom has given me permission to post their account of struggling with the IRS since July 2010. You can visit their Facebook page here. ================ Laurens County Tea Party, after incorporating with the State of SC in March of 2010, filed for 501c4 status with the IRS on July 22, 2010. I called the IRS approximately a year later, | Read More »

    How we reorganized our South Carolina county and won our county offices

    We (Spartanburg Tea Party and conservatives in a couple organizations) talked about precinct reorganization in our county for months prior to the reorganization night in March. I blogged about it almost weekly, we mentioned it in our meetings, in our emails, we drew diagrams for people. There were radio ads (the party put those out). Letters to the editor. We hit it hard. Last time | Read More »

    Nikki Haley “expressed gratitude that the story had not received national attention”

    This could be just another article on the SC ballot fiasco, except that Shawn Drury of The Patch, confirmed to me personally that at least TWICE Governor Haley directly expressed to him “gratitude that the story had not received national attention.” That is shameful. And I mean that it the fullest sense of the word. It brings shame on South Carolina and South Carolina voters | Read More »

    Lindsey Graham is a finger in the wind coward

    We all have read about the two liberty-destroying treaties (Arms and LOST) being pushed by the Obama Administration. On July 11 / updated July 16, Jim DeMint posted on his blog that he had the 34 Senators who would stand against the LOST Treaty and ensure its defeat. I know that people all over, including our folks at the Spartanburg Tea Party have been calling | Read More »

    SC Tea Party License Plates, and my small Breitbart moment

    I got a call last week from Graeme Moore at WSPA Channel 7. He wanted to know if I’d talk with him about a proposed SC Tea Party License Tag. Sure I would. So I did 3 minutes of research before I headed out, just to make sure I knew what the issue was, as it was new to me. I hadn’t heard of anyone | Read More »