Baby steps. It is my strong conviction that, as thoughtfully and practically as possible, we should not support those who are seeking ... through intentional action/words or even those who are ignorant ... to take away our liberties. That conviction extends to entertainment, shopping choices, travel, insurance companies ... any time we as consumers can make a decision to support or not support liberty destroyers.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream has come out with a statement supporting those who are Occupying Wall Street. So this makes it easy to make one decision.

Will you decide with me to no longer purchase Ben & Jerry's products? Will you visit their site and tell them why?


Resistance is Not Futile

Caleb Howe

Once you take a stand on specific consumer choice, look for more. Information abounds on which companies, which entertainers, which vacation destinations, which in-your-home products are from entities who support the progressive agenda. Battle them one at a time. Spread the word. Visit their websites and tell them why. Be a consumer warrior.