Help in OHIO!!!

    Our friends the PUMAs are working hard to get out the vote in Ohio. A group from Chicago (DeMcCrats for McCain & Chicago Young Republicans) is spending the rest of the run up to the election in Ohio canvassing for votes. They need our help to fund the trip. They are looking for $4,500 to cover rooms and buses for those folks. These are very | Read More »


    This is scarier than some claim by reporter that a loony yelled “Kill him” at a Palin rally.


    Obama supporters think it’s Socialism…

    A little help would be appreciated

    I donated to support this good idea. I ask that those who can donate do so ($5 is all they are asking from each donor). Show our PUMA helpers that we aren’t all Eeyores and that we too want to make sure it truly is NOBAMA!

    This tells me more about polls than any pollster could

    I just checked my news front page and saw this. I had to chuckle because this shows me that Obama’s internal polling doesn’t equal the “hopey-changey” model his backers in the MSM are pushing down all of our throats. If it did, he wouldn’t have to resort to the Democrat’s most overused scare tactic – The big bad Republican is going to take away your | Read More »

    Watch Sarah Palin live from Scranton

    Sarah Palin is in Northeast PA (Scranton to be exact) and will be speaking today (10/14) at 2 pm. Check out for a live stream of the speech.

    If you are judged by the company you keep…

    I now have a new chant thanks to the folks that showed up at the Scranton rally today: While cops cleared the street and confined the protesters and Mr. McCain’s supporters to their respective sides of the street, the McCain side began a chant of their own, “Na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na, O-bam-a, goodbye.” I think I’ll be using that one myself!

    This is the kind of mentality we’re up against

    I was reading the 360 blog on CNN (I like to be amused sometimes) and saw an entry titled “Is the Tide Turning?” The entry wasn’t too bad, surprisingly for CNN, but I had to read the comments. While many are in the same vein – Waah, John McCain cheated – this one stood out for me: Donna A. Reuter, Bremerton, WA August 18th, 2008 | Read More »

    Chris Carney has got to go

    As someone who lives in the hotly contested 10th Congressional district and is literally a neighbor to the current Congressman, articles like these drive me nuts. Chris Carney has played the game during his first term, trying to come off as something he is not – a centrist. Those who know him personally (and his wife and kids) know that he and his wife are | Read More »

    John Edwards lied…

    Sometimes the National Enquirer actually gets it right. John Edwards admits that he lied about the affair with Rielle Hunter. Of course he denies paternity of Frances Quinn Hunter, Rielle’s daughter, even though he hasn’t had a paternity test. Guess he’s not in the running for AG anymore, huh?