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    Entitlement Recommendation Going Forward

    Here is a position paper on Entitlements in general and medical entitlements in specific.   This year I turned 65 and in accordance with my former company’s policy, my health care transferred to Medicare from what was a top flight private program.  Am I happy about this?  Well, yes in a way and no in another way.   Yes:  the cost of the Medicare program | Read More »


    Immigration, I have a solution

        First we recognize that the problems we are really concerned with are economic and political.  (I know that there are terrorist issues here but I am dismissing that as something we will have regardless of how we solve the immigration situation.)   a)               There are millions of immigrants in the country today working and using social services.  They need to be set on | Read More »

    Spare the air?

    Today I speak from a city in a “spare the air” environmental fraud alert.  Never mind what city, it could be anywhere.  We are experiencing a beautiful week-end day with temperatures soaring into the mid 70’s.  The normal off shore fog has been dissipated by a high pressure area and temperatures will rise for the next two days.  It is an ideal day to fire | Read More »