Ted Cruz Takes Alaska – Four state wins now under his belt

    Ted Cruz won Texas over Trump by over 470,000 votes, winning with nearly 44 percent of the total.  The latest RCP had him winning by a margin of 9 percent.  He won with nearly 17 percent. In Oklahoma Cruz was polling over 12 points below the leader Trump.  He bested Trump in the first closed Republican race by more that 6 percent of the vote | Read More »

    The Myth of the Evangelical Voter Bloc

    I have recently commented in some threads and decided to write a diary about my belief that there does not currently exist an entity that can be considered an ‘evangelical voter bloc’.  Some pundits have taken a benighted view that one candidate or other will not win the election without the ‘evangelical vote’.  That viewpoint is naive in that fails to take into account that | Read More »