Heart Issue

I find it troubling that a few who appear to espouse the more moderate viewpoint and tone on this site would make light of spirited opinion offered by persons who hold conservatism close to their heart or even seek to decry the effort of some to shout forth the glaring difference between a conservative GOP and the democrats.  

I am a RedState member for the very reason that I did not join a bluestate or purplestate site. 

I took time to read the 2008 GOP platform and happily found that I could embrace the document in it’s entirety.  I think that a respect for life is the most important belief a person can have except for a belief in God.  I have concerns about the direction that the country has taken since the 1960s and I do not have as much hope for the future as I did in the 1980s.  I am one who thinks Rush is right much of the time.  I do not have any desire to see a GOP tent that would include folks who share more beliefs with the democrats than with those outlined in the platform.  I wish they would leave the party and halt their misrepresentation.  I do not think a person can reconcile supporting President Obama and making a claim to be a member of the GOP. 

Republicans were once known as a party that would cast a silhoutte from the light of conservatism being shone on and around it.  In the past few years the silhouette is losing it’s definition.  If the party does not cast that silhouette, it will be indistinguishable from the group of dems.  

James Kennedy told a story on different occasions about Alexander the Great meeting a young boy who had fled from a battle.  The boy was to be executed for deserting the battle line.  Alexander the Great saw how young he was and he asked him what had happened during the battle.  As he listened, he felt compassion and decided to give the boy a pardon.  He then asked him his name.  The boy replied “Alexander.”  Alexander the Great became troubled and asked again – ” What is your name?”  The boy replied “Alexander, sir.”  Alexander reportedly became very angry and shouted at the boy ” Change your conduct (behavior) or change your name.” 

I think we have some politicians who are viewed by the media as party spokespersons who need a change of party name.  They act like dems, they support dem candidates.  They need to leave.  This is not about seeking a blind pledge of party allegiance or trying to obtain one hundred percent conservative purity.  It is about being able to readily identify persons who publically represent the GOP as conservatives.  It is about embracing the GOP platform.  I am not smart enough to even attempt to say at what point an individual should no longer be affiliated with the GOP but I think that some of these folks already know that they truly do not belong.  

Our nation is at a crossroads similar to the one we faced when Jimmy Carter was in office.  The GOP was not trusted by many and the dems were forcing all types of wrongheaded issues on the public.  Thankfully, RWR cast a well defined silhouette in the latter part of Carter’s term.  President Obama is hypocritical novice who is pushing the country into a financial and social quagmire.   My hope is that the GOP will soon find the RWR for this decade and the next and that conservative candidates will flourish in 2010.   

My heart to your eyes,

the dude

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