The 2013 Harry Reid Democrat Government Shutdown

A Proper and True Branding

This month we have witnessed a concerted media effort to brand the failure of Congress as a failure of Republicans to act.  We have seen the Obama Administration take extraordinary steps to dampen the spirits and hamper the lives of citizens who made great sacrifice in fighting for our country.  We have heard accounts of the plight of the critically ill being ignored.  We are entering the third week of the government shutdown and, as we continue the fight to defund Obamacare, it is high time that we properly brand the government shutdown for what it truly is – the Harry Reid-led, Democrat Government Shutdown of 2013.

For the last two weeks the Democrat-controlled Senate has failed to act on the funding legislation submitted by the Republican-led House that would have kept the government open and operating.  More citizens will be adversely impacted by this failure to legislate with each passing day.  Many critically ill patients will continue to be denied life saving treatments they could receive because of the Democrat dereliction.  The distasteful, wasteful, even tyrannical efforts made by the Obama Administration to shutter the memorials of our history will continue until the Democrats decide to act on the legislation the Republicans have passed.  Many hardworking federal employees will suffer due to the loss of their paychecks because the Democrats have decided to play politics with their livelihood.  Harry Reid could and should end the shutdown this week.  At the present time, Reid and the Democrat Party have collectively decided that forcing a woeful, fee-ladened,  health care program on a naive public is much more important than the lives of  the sick, the weak, our aging heroes and our many dedicated public servants.

There is not a new narrative to this story.  The truth of the issues remains the same.  The title of the narrative, however, has been off kilter.  The subject line of the narrative that has been used for the past few weeks has been grossly misleading.  Make no mistake.  This is a Harry Reid Democrat Shutdown.  He has led it.  He has appeared to revel in it.  In so doing, he has failed to govern.  Every piece of legislation required to end the shutdown is in front of Reid and the Democrats.  His inaction has resulted in hardship and mental anguish for millions of people.  We can and should reinforce this truth in our conversations, our Web postings, any time and any place we can be heard or read.  Harry Reid has caused this and he can bring it to a veto-proof end.  There is only one brand that will accurately describe the events of October 2013 and the state of our hobbled government -

The 2013 Harry Reid Democrat Government Shutdown.  

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