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    The machine: Public Sector Unions

    Public sector unions have long been adversaries of the Republicans. Calvin Coolidge came to prominence after breaking the Boston Police Strike. One of Ronald Reagan’s early Presidential successes was his handling of the PATCO strike. And Scott Walker fought valiantly to limit the excessive collective bargaining privileges of government workers. Historically, even some Democrats have opposed public sector unions. FDR notably remarked, “Since their own | Read More »

    Breaking down the Machine: Unions

    Private sector unions have always had a close relationship with Democrats. They serve the dual purpose of being fundraisers and boots on the ground within the Democrat machine. One needs look no further than the Democrat-sponsored auto bailouts, which gave funding priority to the United Auto Workers (UAW.)  After receiving tax payer money, the UAW then funneled much of that money back to the Democrat | Read More »


    Breaking down the Democrat coalition

    Overall, 2012 was a bad year for our side politically. Sure, there were bright spots (Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, some state legislatures) but for the most part, we got skunked. This diary is not going to attempt to diagnose what went wrong or assign blame; scapegoating is an exercise in futility. Instead, over the next few weeks, I intend to publish a series of posts | Read More »