Cronyism in the “Short Sale” Market

    In the classic 1976 movie “Network,” there is a famous scene where a character played by the late Peter Finch shouts, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” I feel that same sentiment is growing throughout America, as the cost of our debt and regulatory state has exploded. In the era of Obama, we are now pushing our way far beyond | Read More »

    $15 for 15 days to support Quin Hillyer, a proven conservative, for Congress

    It’s rare these days to have the opportunity to send both a principled conservative and someone brandishing pre-attained experience necessary to make an impact on Day 1. Yet that’s exactly the choice the voters of Alabama’s 1st Congressional District have in the person of Quin Hillyer, who’s time and time again risen to the challenge of consistent conservatism over a career spanning back to President | Read More »

    Martha Coakley and the anti-American agenda.

    If you read no further, support Scott Brown. In 1804, Thomas Jefferson wrote to Abigail Adams on the free exercise of individual conscience in America, and its indispensability to our freedoms. We may disagree, wrote the Founder, but that disagreement is to be welcomed, not crushed: “I tolerate with utmost latitude the right of others to differ with me in opinion without imputing to them | Read More »

    Obama’s OSHA Pick, David Michaels, Makes Van Jones Look Tame

    At a time when the unemployment rate is nearing double-digits, President Obama’s OSHA nominee, David Michaels, threatens to be an occupational hazard. He’s also a radical. Conservatives who were outraged by Van Jones should be apoplectic about his tenure when they consider that — according to their website — OSHA “inspected 38,579 workplaces during Fiscal Year 2006.” David Michaels was behind the junk-science efforts to | Read More »

    About Those Hollywood Control Freaks . . .

    The same geniuses who gave us “classic” movies like “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot,” “Gigli” and “Catwoman” are at it again.  Only this time, their Hollywood flop isn’t just a bad-but-over-hyped movie, but a decision to stifle creativity and the rights of consumers.   As everyone knows, the music industry allows — and even encourages — us to download songs off of our personal | Read More »

    Ohio and ObamaCare Abortions

    Ohio is crucial to America’s future. Ohioans put George W. Bush over the top in `04. And it was when he lost Ohio that John McCain’s hopes for a come-from-behind victory went up in smoke. No Republican has ever been elected President without winning the Buckeye State. So when Ohio talks, professional pols should listen. And Ohioans are speaking up most strongly against ObamaCare abortions. | Read More »

    The Race to Reform

    Yesterday’s Washington Post’s front page is a study in cross-cutting pressures on our new President. “Poll Shows Obama Slipping on Key Issues” reads the four-column headline. Amazing. But then, in smaller type, read this: “The Race to Reform.” That lesser headline is the Administration’s answer to the slippage the grim polling figures disclose. Since his much-hailed 100-day mark last April, President Obama’s handling of health | Read More »

    Lani Guinier Returns to Declare Standardized Tests ‘Racist’

    The discussion over quality in higher education and maintaining standards of academic excellence in American colleges took an ugly turn March 2nd when Harvard law professor and former Clinton Administration lightning rod Lani Guinier declared that standardized testing is racist. Guinier’s remarks were part of a televised forum on C-SPAN about the “state of the black union” in America, during which she told moderator Tavis | Read More »


    Back to Basics for the GOP

    I would like to thank all of my friends in the conservative community for their humbling support in my bid for Chairman of the Republican National Committee. I know my late entry and lack of membership on the committee made it an uphill battle for us, but with your help and your voice, we made a major national impact and re-affirmed that conservative principles are | Read More »