Detroit’s Big 3 Cry Babies

    Ron Gettelfinger, President of the UAW in an article posted on Yahoo News is blaming the auto makers dilemma on everyone and everything except on themselves. Their out of control

    The Danger of Ignorance

    With power comes responsibility and when we elect leaders to power they are trusted with that responsibility of power. However power in the hands of the ignorant is dangerous!During the


    Absolutely Ignorant Government (A.I.G.)

    Why is it that the government, our Absolutely Ignorant Government (A.I.G.) loves rewarding failures and punishing success? Close to 1 trillion dollars was needed to help our ailing economy or

    Sign Of Things to Come

    President-Elect Obama recently met with his team of economic advisors with the hopes of addressing the nation’s problems concerning the ailing economy. One of the advisors stood out above the


    Time To Stop Crying

    The election is over and a President has been elected. Now it is time for the Republicans to get over it and stop crying.As I read blogs, listen to talk


    Pray For Our President-Elect

    While I did not vote for Senator Obama for President, he is my President and I will always respect the office that he will hold. I will afford him more

    Was It The Money or The Voters?

    Now that we have broken the racial barrier with the election of Barack Obama, parents and teachers are joyfully telling their children that anyone can become the President of the

    Racism Is Dead In America!

    Last night the American people overwhelmingly elected Senator Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States of America. Congratulations of course are in order for this great achievement and

    The People Have Spoken

    Today, the American people have exercised a right that that is so precious and that others would love to have. They have let their voices be heard and we will

    Voter’s Remorse

    Everyone at one time or another has experienced “buyer’s remorse”. I know I have on more than one occasion.Today I was volunteering at the Texas Republican Headquarters calling voters that