Bright Cloudless Days Aren’t Created Equal

    This week President Obama took his apology tour on the road again. This time he was standing in Hiroshima, Japan, lamenting the fact that the United States had used atomic weapons to vanquish a ruthless enemy and bring an earlier end to a war that the United Stated neither wanted nor started. Without saying the exact words, Obama apologized for the “wall of fire” that | Read More »

    A Lesson From Charleston

        Sunday afternoon I was listening to a local radio talk show on the way to the grocery store. The topic, not surprisingly, was this week’s murders at the AME Church in Charleston, SC. The exact station and host don’t matter (I don’t work for any radio station, so there’s no benefit to me to give any host a plug), but something that a | Read More »

    A Pragmatic Case Against Ethanol

    Scientists can determine in a laboratory that one gallon of gasoline has one-and-a-half times the energy measured in BTU’s as one gallon of Ethanol. (British Thermal Units – the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.) Put another way, one would have to burn 1.5 gallons of ethanol to get the same amount of “work” as | Read More »

    Same Pyramid, Different Day

    When Jay Leno interviewed Texas Senator Ted Cruz last week he stated, in what sounded like an attempt to excuse the problems that have plagued the roll out of Obama-care, that it took seven years for the first Social Security check to go out. That didn’t sound right, and it isn’t. But the bigger point is that there is a long history of Progressive politicians | Read More »

    Dear President Putin:

    I read with great interest the op-ed piece you wrote for the New York Times. Although your opinions are largely aimed at promoting the United Nations, at the expense of American sovereignty, I must say that your grasp of some points is better than that of most of our leaders, at least those that support firing missiles at Syria without delay. You are quite correct | Read More »

    Uturnium, the Reverse-Think Atom

    It’s a truism that discoveries are made when least expected. While playing a word game in the car recently we created the word ‘uturnium,’ which is the atom that causes drivers to do opposite of what would be expected in a given situation. This means things like turning left from the right lane, turning right with the left turn signal on, etc. After some serious | Read More »

    The Taxes Are Coming! The Taxes Are Coming!

    Since before they were passed, the “Bush tax cuts” were demonized by the media and the Democrats (redundant?) as being solely for the wealthy. Like so much leftist rhetoric, it simply isn’t so. The tax cuts enacted under President Bush (43) created a 10 per cent bracket, increased child tax credits, and eliminated the marriage penalty, among other things. This writer must be wealthy because | Read More »

    Where Have You Gone, Grover Cleveland?

    Today’s politicians have an obsession with linking themselves to historical figures. President Obama has likened himself to Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and FDR. (I guess linking himself to those with whom he is more closely aligned, like Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers, wouldn’t do him as much good at the ballot box.) Hillary Clinton, striving to achieve her own link to greatness, once claimed | Read More »

    Liberals See No Alternatives

    A few days ago I happened to see Mass. Rep. Barney Frank on television singing the usual liberal / progressive chorus. It could have been any extreme leftist (yes, there is such a thing); it just happened to be him.   In case you don’t know the tune, it goes something like this: Conservatives hate children, poor people, clean water and air, and if put | Read More »

    Which Way Has Been Tried?

    That Way’s Been Tried! One of the president’s recurring themes on the campaign trail is that we’ve tried “their” way, meaning the Republican’s economic plans for lower spending, regulation, and government intrusion into a citizen’s life, and that this was, in fact, the cause of our current “mess.” Really, Mr. President? If the president was correct there would be recent examples of: Years when federal | Read More »