Liberals See No Alternatives

A few days ago I happened to see Mass. Rep. Barney Frank on television singing the usual liberal / progressive chorus. It could have been any extreme leftist (yes, there is such a thing); it just happened to be him.


In case you don’t know the tune, it goes something like this: Conservatives hate children, poor people, clean water and air, and if put in charge there would be no policemen to arrest criminals (something liberals seldom want to do anyway, now that I think about it) nor fireman to put out fires. They’ll sing a different stanza from time to time, but you get the idea.


If we do not exorbitantly tax ourselves to do these things, will they not get done? Why do liberals not see any other alternatives?


Picture the scene in any old black and white movie with farmers on the Great Plains, the breadbasket of America – and the world: A storm brews; a barn is struck by lightning and is burning; neighbors come from all directions to help put out the fire and rescue animals; later the neighbors pitch in to rebuild the barn and make the farmer whole.


Government involvement in all that: zero.


People can and will do things for themselves – better and more cheaply, too – if they decide that there is a value to getting something done. Think of it as a free market. Each of the neighbors knows that his may be the barn on fire someday. There is a possible future benefit to helping the other farmer today.


Not having to dial the government’s emergency phone number and wait for the government’s fire trucks to show up had other benefits as well. In those days people (in rural areas and in cities, too) knew their neighbors and weren’t afraid to go to bed at night or out for the evening without locking their doors. Society was much different from what it is today. Coincidence? I think not.


The liberal solution is, of course, to expand government further while insisting that Conservative ways didn’t work. No, it’s liberalism that doesn’t work. Liberals need to confiscate money for their projects. How many would voluntarily pay to finance a work of art consisting of a crucifix submerged in Urine? How many think we should spend taxpayer’s hard-earned money to circumvent bankruptcy law and bail out a labor union?


The sooner more of us shed the ludicrous notion that only the government can do things for us, the sooner we’ll be on our way back to theUnited Statesthat our founders envisioned: The land of the FREE.

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