How Bout a Celebrity Tax?

    There is a lot of talk about raising revenues or taxes, especially on the wealthy. The number 1 reason given against raising taxes on the wealthy is that it will

    If Republicans Had Won 40% of the Hispanic Vote

    If Republicans had won 40% of the Hispanic vote they wouldn’t have won another state. Nada! The Hispanic voters impact in this election was extremely over stated by the national

    Broadcast the News

    I have a suggestion for the RNC. At the convention, instead of having some boring politician that nobody cares about speak for 30 minutes repeating the same things the last

    Electability Games

    The midwest is supposed to be this years battle ground. Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Iowa. How is Mitt Romney going to win in these states when 26% of

    Nitt Picking Newt

    The big lie going on during the last couple of days is the idea that Newt Gingrich is just as progressive as Mitt Romney. From Glenn Beck to Ace of

    A Month Is A Lifetime

    I am leaning Newt, but am deep down more of an anybody but Romney guy. Since I would be fine with Rick Perry and believe in honesty, I give the

    Palin And Perry Running

    Palin running will help the Conservatives and Perry. First, anybody think the debates will be more watched with her in them. This will give Perry an opportunity to impress these

    B-Day….How To Wage War Against Media Bias

      What about trying a new D-Day?   Republicans all believe the media is bias. They simply are afraid the media will use their Alinsky tactics on them and try

    How many debates should there be?

    How many presidential primary debates should the Republicans hold? Before you answer with a number in the single digits, lets review the 2008 Presidential primary debates. In 2008, the Democrats

    NAPCA—Are air traffic controllers really sleeping on the job?

    When lightning strikes twice, its an amazing coincidence. When it strikes six times in less then a month, it may be a conspiracy. Since March 23rd when the first sleeping