The Intolerant Agents of Tolerance

    I have for many years now had a loathing for people who preach “tolerance” as they seem to do so as a means of advancing their own brand of intolerance. Earlier today, the CEO of Mozilla was essentially forced to resign because he contributed in support of California’s PROP 8. The contributor list was illegally provided to the “Human Rights Campaign” by someone at the | Read More »

    Correcting Obama’s Debate Comments on the United States Navy

    Earlier this evening in the Third Presidential Debate Mitt Romney raised legitimate concerns about the current and shrinking size of the United States Navy. The President responded snarkily by saying that size does not matter because we have these these “things” called Carriers that “planes can land on” and these “things” that go underwater. This pathetic attempt at rebuttal by Obama is quite simple. The | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s “Freedom of Worship”

    The timing may be off with this post, but there is an observation I’ve been meaning to point out with regard to Barack Obama’s HHS Mandate on religious institutions. Barack Obama in defending the mandate has suggested that it has no impact on “Freedom of Worship”. So, exactly where does “Freedom of Worship” appear in the Constitution? It doesn’t. The First Amendment provides for “Freedom | Read More »

    Kathleen Sebelius’s Orwellian Assault On the First Amendment

    Kathleen Sebellius this past Friday delivered a commencement address at Georgetown University. has a fine article with video of the speech. In her comments she seemed to respond to the criticism of Catholic Bishops by quoting from President Kennedy’s famous speech on September 12,1960. She stated: “In his talk to Protestant ministers,” Sebelius said, “Kennedy talked about his vision of religion and the public square, and | Read More »

    Why Obama’s Flip Flop On Gay Marriage Will Hurt His Re-Election

    I wanted to take a moment to present an objective assessment of the political fallout from Barack Obama’s flip flop on gay marriage. First of all it’s quite obvious to all as evidenced by the polling that this was not a heartfelt transformation,it is transparently opportunistic. It won’t work and given the timing it’s awful politics. It might have worked in a booming economy, but | Read More »

    Educating Shepard Smith

    Shepard Smith likes to close his shows with “From the Journalists at Fox News”, a comment that is obviously designed to mark the distinction with prime time commentators. This tag line would not disturb me if it weren’t so obvious that his reporting is skewed, not expressly liberal mind because that does not bother me as I’m used to it. It’s his pompous,smug demeanor in | Read More »

    An American Catholic’s Rebuttal to Supporters of the Mandate

    This is likely to be the first of many commentaries on this matter, but I feel compelled to address specific points that have been made to support President Obama’s unconstitutional mandate upon Catholic affiliated institutions. Firstly, supporters of the mandate defend the proposition because as they say most Catholics do not agree with the Church on the matter of artificial birth control. Jehmu Green, on | Read More »

    Rick Perry Says I Have No Heart

    I have desperately been waiting for a true conservative to step up to the plate and win me over. I had thought Rick Perry was the guy. On the issues as a whole I’m in Perry’s corner. I would prefer his position on the issues to go forward as our standard, but then there was his defense of  Texas’ “Dream Act”. I respect Rick Perry | Read More »

    Rick Perry’s Strategic Debate Blunders

    It has taken me a couple days to fully compose my thoughts on Wednesday’s GOP debate on MSNBC. Like most, I was looking forward to seeing Rick Perry perform on stage for the first time. I like Rick Perry and would gladly support him, but he made two obvious blunders as far as I can see. One can be fixed, the other is his to | Read More »

    Is The Drudge Report Low Balling Hurricane Irene?

    I’ve been watching coverage of Hurricane Irene. Being a resident of Tampa, Florida, I have been through Hurricane Frances and Jean and the close call of Charley. So, like all Floridians I’m personally aware of what a hurricane or tropical storm can do. As I’m typing this I’m listening to reports that Irene is outperforming its category. I’ve also been perusing websites and that includes | Read More »