I’m trying to avoid those awful cliches that are often used by the "loyal opposition" when they find themselves in agreement with a President of the other party. It’s not easy, but I’ll cut to the quick. 1.) Like September 11,2001, May 1st, 2011 will be remembered by all of us. I was watching the Phillies-Mets game on ESPN and immediately lost interest. 2.) This | Read More »

    Note To Obama (And Everyone Else): Conspiracy Theories Never Die or Fade Away

    I utterly detest,loathe,hate,despise and any other word you can think of to express how I feel about conspiracy theories. I take history too seriously and know it well enough to discard conspiracy. I would be sympathetic to Obama regarding his birth certificate if it weren’t obvious to me that he let it fly under the radar because he believed it labeled all of his critics | Read More »

    Ann Coulter Is Right About Trump and Birthers

    Ann Coulter was being interviewed by Sean Hannity last night and she succinctly laid out the case against Trump and this resurgent interest in an Obama birth certificate. I’ve always thought this story was crap from day one. First, as Ann Coulter points out there is fundamentally no difference between the long form birth certificate and short form. They are both certified. Personally, I think | Read More »

    On Wisconsin: Turnout Is the Story

    As I sit here typing away, Kloppenberg is now ahead by just under 500 votes in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election. Disappointing. Recount to follow and I can’t be optimistic. Even if Kloppenberg wins, however the fact that this was close is telling. Conservatives throughout the blogosphere were downright fatalistic before the polls closed. Not that that’s anything new. On election day, we conservatives are | Read More »

    On Obama and Sputnik

    I’ll be brief. President Obama invoked “Sputnik” as a rallying cry to come together as a nation. On February,24 2011, the Space Shuttle Discovery will make its final voyage before being retired. Isn’t it ironic for a President to invoke Sputnik given that we will no longer be able to independently put a man into orbit? The history of the Space Race wasn’t just about | Read More »

    I Need Help Exposing Bob Brady As A Fraud

    I have been a resident of Tampa since 1997, but am a native Philadelphian. Philadelphia Congressman Bob Brady has proposed legislation that would regulate political speech, specifically citing "target" ads. Bob Brady has been Chairman of Democratic City Commitee of Philadelphia since 1986. In 1992 Democrat Mike Stack was running against Republican incumbent State Senator Hank Salvatore. Stack was critical of Salvatore’s vote on a | Read More »


    Net Neutrality has received insufficient coverage sadly, but in a nutshell it means the Federal Government, through the FCC now has the power to regulate the flow of information on the Internet through the various providers. This blatantly obscene power grab has been falsely advanced on the premise that ISP’s will discriminate against some web sites in favor of others, thereby creating a competitive imbalance. | Read More »

    Bill McCollum Endorses Rick Scott

    Better late than never. Bill McCollum has endorsed Rick Scott. I have linked and copy and pasted the release. OCTOBER 22, 2010 Bill McCollum hearts Rick Scott Attorney General Bill McCollum today issued the following statement regarding the race for Florida Governor: “Florida is facing a critical time. Our state needs conservative leaders who will grow our economy and create jobs. We need merit | Read More »

    Republican Mudslinging Against Nikki Haley?

    This is a copy and paste from: I’m curious if anyone has more information on this. It sounds like the establishment is trying to undo her campaign and will do anything to stop her. South Carolina Some Fellow Republicans Say They Want Answers from Haley on Adultery Allegations Republican Senate nominee Nikki Haley weathered accusations of marital infidelity in winning her underdog campaign for | Read More »

    Why Does Anyone Pay Attention To Gloria Allred?

    I realize the allegations made against Meg Whitman by her former maid are not burning up the conservative blogosphere like Red State. I know Whitman is not a conservative and for the life of me I don’t understand why anyone would want to be Governor of California. But these charges by repellent media whore Gloria Allred stink to high heaven and need some comment. Why | Read More »