“GOP Leadership Considering Rules To Punish Party Disloyalty” –

    I am Not gloating but I predicted this a month ago in my diary!  I said KY conservatives & Tea Partyers should NOT vote for McConnell & take the opportunity to send a

    Call to KY Conservatives, Libertarians & Tea Partyers (CLT group)

    KY – you have a golden opportunity to change the future of this country!  I see that KY senate race is getting closer every day —this is the opportunity that

    Primaries do Not work

    It is time for the Tea Partyers & Conservatives to look at the Republican primaries (for that matter primary system itself) objectively – does this system work to eradicate the

    We have found the enemy, it is us!

    This article in Politico ( cited in Drudge Report spurred me to write this post.  It is an article about how Lying Ryan is working Schumer to push Amnesty. What I cannot comprehend

    Stockholm Syndrome at RS?

    If you go through many of the comments  – there is a common thread among most of them.  You see republican/conservative faithful still mentioning that we should get senate also &