Primaries do Not work

    It is time for the Tea Partyers & Conservatives to look at the Republican primaries (for that matter primary system itself) objectively – does this system work to eradicate the Republican Liberals from the party?  The answer is a emphatic NO!  The system worked when the Tea Party had the advantage of the wild card!  For example, nobody in the establishment (aka Republican Liberals) took | Read More »

    We have found the enemy, it is us!

    This article in Politico ( cited in Drudge Report spurred me to write this post.  It is an article about how Lying Ryan is working Schumer to push Amnesty. What I cannot comprehend about most of the posters in RS, the comments & even the Front Page writers is that it is directed at Obama!  What a waste of time!  Obama is doing exactly what his constituents & | Read More »

    Stockholm Syndrome at RS?

    If you go through many of the comments  – there is a common thread among most of them.  You see republican/conservative faithful still mentioning that we should get senate also & then we can really change the course?? I am really saddened & the only rational explanation is that “Stockholm Syndrome” – where the hostages start feeling empathy for their captors, is at play!  How else | Read More »