Call to KY Conservatives, Libertarians & Tea Partyers (CLT group)

    KY – you have a golden opportunity to change the future of this country!  I see that KY senate race is getting closer every day —this is the opportunity that every Conservative, Libertarian or Tea Partyer wish he or she had! Do Not vote for Head of the Republican Liberal movement – McConnell!  Let us start a new future for this country.  This will send | Read More »

    Primaries do Not work

    It is time for the Tea Partyers & Conservatives to look at the Republican primaries (for that matter primary system itself) objectively – does this system work to eradicate the Republican Liberals from the party?  The answer is a emphatic NO!  The system worked when the Tea Party had the advantage of the wild card!  For example, nobody in the establishment (aka Republican Liberals) took | Read More »

    We have found the enemy, it is us!

    This article in Politico ( cited in Drudge Report spurred me to write this post.  It is an article about how Lying Ryan is working Schumer to push Amnesty. What I cannot comprehend about most of the posters in RS, the comments & even the Front Page writers is that it is directed at Obama!  What a waste of time!  Obama is doing exactly what his constituents & | Read More »

    Stockholm Syndrome at RS?

    If you go through many of the comments  – there is a common thread among most of them.  You see republican/conservative faithful still mentioning that we should get senate also & then we can really change the course?? I am really saddened & the only rational explanation is that “Stockholm Syndrome” – where the hostages start feeling empathy for their captors, is at play!  How else | Read More »