David Price (D-NC4) Townhall

    Last night, Rep. David Price held a town hall at NCCU in Durham, NC. I was actually interested in being there when he decided to hold one and had been regularly checking his site ( for a date, and when not seeing one, meant to call.I didn’t get to go. Wanna know why? Because as of lunch yesterday, his site still had no information. It | Read More »

    My Email to “”

    I’ve talked about my displeasure of Obama and all his plans with a multitude of people in casual conversation. I’ve shared via email and twitter and facebook my thoughts on the downward spiral our country is quickly taking due to the President’s agenda. I’ve made no apologies for what I’ve said. And it occurred to me: All of these people are obviously going to deluge | Read More »

    You know, anytime I read the words

    “The White House position mirrors the stand taken by the Bush administration” I know it’s going to be a good day. Because I know that in the US, there’s at least one lefty head exploding. And each time, I hope it’s Janeane Garofalo’s. But if it happens to be Rosie O’Donnell’s, I’ll count it as a win as well. One less lefty head of any | Read More »

    First They Came (American version)

    It’s obvious that yes, Virginia, coffee at 10pm does have an effect on me. So, I thought I’d post this:In America, they came first for “Big Oil”, “Big Pharmaceuticals”, and “Big Tobacco”, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t any of those things;And then they came for “the rich”, And I didn’t speak up because I don’t make more than $250,000. Or $200,000. Or | Read More »

    Why I listen to Conservative Talk Radio

    Friday afternoon, via Twitter, I decided to tweet a rather smart revelation I had to give the Dems a hand: If only they’d get Timmah “Turbo Tax” Geitner to pay his taxes, they’d have more than enough money to cover their HealthScare scam. A few minutes later, I was treated to this tweet in reply:CyberCzarPol@khelek <– right wing delusional freak that believes everything Rush & | Read More »

    The One where the US President spins his support for a would-be dictator

    This morning, as I was sipping my first cup of coffee for the day and watching various Twitter feeds, courtesy  of TweetGrid (I’m khelek in twitter, for the interested, btw), I was treated to this gem from Jake Tapper:In Russia, President Obama Explains His Support for Ousted President of HondurasEspecially telling in the piece is this:“America supports now the restoration of the democratically-elected President of | Read More »

    One crisis after another….

    You know, it’s amazing….I don’t recall seeing the constant stream of “crises” in this country until Mr. Obama took office. From the economy and the banks and car manufacturers to Club Gitmo, the need for a $3.6 trillion budget and the fact that waaaay too many babies are allowed to be born alive in this country, it’s been one crisis after another that’s needed to | Read More »

    Can we remove ‘racist’ from the English language now?

    Seriously, can we? I’m so tired of hearing the accusation from both sides of the ideological divide. To me, the charge of ‘racism’ is so watered down and cliched that it’s like a time travel plot device in a Star Trek movie — what you resort to when you don’t have any ideas.Of course, I’m referring to the firestorm set off by Former House Speaker | Read More »

    Neither Obama or McCain are my Hope and Change….(hopefully FIXED)

    It’s the political silly season, and the other day I was driving behind a car. On the back of the car, there was a bumper sticker asking “Got Hope?” My reply” Yes, yes I do!Now, those who know me know I’m a political junkie. Iv’e been reading the political blogs and eating up everything I can about this election. I’m a strong believer in our | Read More »

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    new IRC channel for RedState readers

    I’ve been reading RedState for several years now, and have thoroughly enjoyed the diaries and discussions we’ve seen here. I often thought it would be fun to actually talk to other RedState regulars through instant messaging. So, this morning, I thought I’d set up an IRC channel, post it in a diary, and see what happens.So, if you’d like to join me and talk to | Read More »

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