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    Would The Real Issue Please Stand Up?

    Like so many other things, too many issues are being clumped together as one big problem, when the reality is those issues are at best only partially related, and at worst an issue with no basis in reality. Immigration policy It’s unfortunate that the actions of a group of people who circumvent a nation’s laws in order to enter or stay in that nation are | Read More »

    Fix welfare?

    Again, I’ll start with my usual disclaimer that I’m just a regular fellow that could easily fill rooms the size of a large planet with things I don’t know. I just write what I think and let things fall as they may. I read a story a month or so back about Republicans and conservatives getting raked over the coals on how they hate the | Read More »

    Here’s what I think…

    I’m not much for writing, at least in any coherent manner, so keep that in mind. I don’t understand why, time after time, we (read conservatives in general) are not only defined by liberals and progressives, but we make every attempt to explain and/or discredit their definitions on their ground. I read a tweet the other day about the GOP evolving their stance on immigration. | Read More »

    We really need to combine all news stories into one.

    Today, same-sex chickens competing in the Olympics for their 19th gold medal have heard from credible sources that Mitt Romney did not pay for oversized sodas in New York City.  Senator Reid declined to comment specifically on the topic, but did mention that at the water cooler he heard Republicans wanted to round up all senior citizens and deport them to Mexico.


    That’s the particular feeling in which I was hovering all day. I had intentionally avoided all political news during the morning and afternoon, and opted instead to have a quiet dinner with family after work and then a quick Bible study with friends, hoping for that miracle of miracles that would bring much needed relief from the pent up agony that has been this election | Read More »

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