More on the AntiChrist

    I can see that I am going to have to toughen up out here! I can’t believe how blistering people are blogging. But I am not going to back down. I’ll just refrain from my creative manner of expressing things and just be brutal right back. Some of you seem to just be looking for a fight! Maybe I got a little carried away, but | Read More »

    Clarifying the AntiChrist entry

    Okay, since clearly few understood the point – I’m sorry, I’m a marketing professional so I believe in an attention-getting headline! I do not believe that Barak Obama IS the AntiChrist – what I was getting at is that this is the kind of garbage – spectacle, egomaniacal display complete with the throngs of adoring people thinking this man is the world’s answer to all | Read More »

    Sincere? My Rear

    As I sat and listened to all the praise last night about how wonderful Bill Clinton’s speech was – how he is one of the greatest speakers and how he lived up to what he does best. It made me sick but I agree – he is and always has been, the consummate liar. It doesn’t surprise me democrats still love him. They are godless | Read More »

    The Rising of the AntiChrist

    This whole presentation of Barak Obama reminds me of the Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’ Left Behind series, most specifically the Rise of the AntiChrist. I wish everyone would go back and read this fictional series and recall how close to reality the fiction of Jules Verne and other SciFi writers have come. The rise of the world’s rock star; the glimmer, the lies and | Read More »

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    Why Conservative is Right and Liberal is Wrong

    I saw Bob Beckel on Hannity & Colmes having a case of purple-faced apoplexy defending Barak Obama’s abortion stance. It couldn’t have been easy watching his beloved candidate stumble over the stumbling stone on Rick Warren’s question, “When does life begin?” It wasn’t a hard question, but his candidate couldn’t answer it because his candidate tried to dance around God’s precepts. The way is straight | Read More »