Wes King is a native of Georgia who has been living in North Carolina for twenty-three years. He finished his undergraduate education at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in December 2011. He has written and had editorial pieces published by,,, and His professional career includes several management capacities, helping develop small businesses and helping them grow. He has also worked on several campaigns throughout North Carolina and has worked with nonprofit organizations, both on a national level and in North Carolina. He has applied his experience of managing businesses from open to success to a variety of consultancies ranging from political campaigns and organizations and small to mid-size businesses throughout North Carolina. Some areas in which Wes specializes is public relations, oppositional research, strategy, messaging, issue advocacy, grassroots organizing, marketing, communications, Wes King is active in a variety of civic and cultural organizations including PUSH America, the American Bar Association, Cape Fear Museum of History and Science, Habitat for Humanity, and the North Carolina Bar Association. Outside of professional interests, Wes also enjoys running, reading, traveling, and enjoys living with his wife, Candace, and cat.


    Ted Cruz, Obamacare, the GOP, and the road to 2016

    Original post: Ted Cruz, Obamacare, the GOP, and the road to 2016 The Republican Party has no reason to believe that they are in any position other than way behind going into the 2016 presidential election.  Every people that they have put up on a pedestal as a potential candidate has been knocked off of that pedestal quickly.  Short list: Christie, Rubio, Graham, and even | Read More »

    Floaters & Sinkers: The Media, Casting & Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston

    Original Post: Floaters & Sinkers: The Media, Casting & Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston   Recently, we have seen a lot of leaks about who is going to play what role in upcoming expected blockbusters.  We have seen Ben Affleck for Batman, Matt Damon as his sidekick Robin, Ryan Gosling in the upcoming “50 Shades of Grey,” and, the latest, Bryan Cranston playing Lex Luthor in the | Read More »

    Jim Breuer advocates for limits on gun rights on Opie and Anthony

    On today’s Opie and Anthony show, Jim Breuer argued that gun rights should be limited, arguing that people aren’t responsible enough to own high power weapons.  Breuer stated that the belief that gun owner’s should be able to protect themselves from a tyrannical government was a ludicrous argument. Show host Anthony Cumia argued that the very understanding that the government has that people have guns | Read More »

    Youth and Politics: Reaching America’s Future Today

    Original Post at As this site continues to grow, I am developing and learning more about the importance of reaching out to the youth in America and talking about the  values of the right. There is a valuable lesson that we, as people who support the American constitution, values, individual rights, and privileges, need to learn and enact very quickly in effort to see | Read More »

    Obamacare: Are you awake yet?

    Original Post with Video So are you awake yet?  That is probably one of the most important questions we will all ask one another in light of this Obamacare ruling. Are you awake? So many of us have forgotten the point of what we are doing and how we got here.  We are ignoring the fact that both parties are responsible for getting us where | Read More »

    Boots on the Ground: Wisconsin Recap

    View Original Post: Right Impulse Having spent time up in Wisconsin for the last week, I have learned a great deal.  I have been working up here to educate individuals on why the policies that have been implemented with Wisconsin’s Act 10 and the work that Governor Scott Walker has done. What’s important is to realize that there is an issue with having any candidate have to | Read More »

    Obama Young Voter Job Approval Rating Dwindles

    Original Post President Obama’s job approval rating among young voters has dropped 5 percent in the past week, according to a recent Gallup Poll. The age group was a large part of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, supporting him over Republican candidate and Senator John McCain, voting 66 percent in favor of Obama according to a Roper Center poll. The Obama campaign has made specific approaches to this | Read More »

    Effective Communication is an Important Key to Conservative Victory

    Original Post The ability to educate others is a skill that is honed.  Whether discussing the need for articulation, expansion and broadening on a topic that is relevant to others, or identifying the opportunity to speak to someone about issues rather than forcing political issues, a difference that can be similar to using a dull knife to press and saw through bread; It’s just going | Read More »

    Over Regulation in a Free Market Economy

    Original Post Regulatory committees, whether talking about organizations like the FDA, EPA, or local groups can hold up progress completely. Between required permitting, the cost of applying or that permitting, the cost of having someone come out and re-survey your project after undoubtedly failing it the first time, and then the time it takes to get through the bureaucracy along the way all slow down | Read More »

    The Impending Conservative Failure With the Loss of College Students

    Original Post We are getting towards an era of more connected and audible youth through the implementation of social media efforts. Young voters are typically more aware of the proper ways to utilize these mediums and are capable of making them work for their own purposes in establishing their view points and being heard. This has caused more of an identification of the college-aged individual | Read More »