Obama, and the Future to Conservatism

    From what I have seen and read so far, it seems that the Obama administration is going for a center-left approach. This would make sense as it would sure up all liberals and some conservatives plus those uninformed or voting for a historical marker in terms of race. I do, however, have a fear that no matter how centrist Obama tries to be, that there | Read More »

    What can we conservatives, republicans, and conservative Democrats do to win this race?

    A lot of the conservative base is fired up now that McCain has chosen his VP. However, a lot of us conservatives are in the fog about how we can make a difference other than use our vote. Sure we can try to persuade people, but we don’t have any control as to who they choose at the ballot box. Perhaps if some members post | Read More »

    GOP Convention and Gustav, Damned if they do and Damned if they don’t

    While I am glad that McCain picked a VP to energize the base and perhaps the female voting population, I can’t help but worry that hurricane Gustav could be the nail in the coffin. I would gladly like some optimism to counter-weight my pessimism. However, the facts are that the DNC rally gave Obama a pretty decent jump in the polls over McCain. While he | Read More »

    Obama’s Change Mantra

    There is a lot of talk withint the Obama campain about “change” from the current administration or status quo. However, we are not exactly sure what Obama means by change. Change, in itself, mean something different than what we are currently used to. Is change always good? Obviously not! You could say that Hitler offered change from the democratic Germany in the 1930’s. I am | Read More »

    Hurricane Gustav

    It is interesting to note that Micheal Moore has mentioned to Keith Olbermann that it is probably God’s justice to republicans for the hurricane. Can you imagine if this hurricane happened during a democratic convention? It would probably be seen by Michelle Moore and his liberal tv cronies as a sign from god (who I doubt they believe in) that the democrats need to | Read More »

    Forget Bush, McCain/Palin are a new direction

    It is already obvious. The democrats and the liberal media are going to do everything in their power to stop a McCain presidency and that includes simple classifications. The main point here is that right now our economy is hitting hard times with the housing market and the high oil prices. Since Americans are feeling these pains, the democrats are taking advantage of it and | Read More »

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