Time for tin foil hat theater

    Sitting here having Sunday morning coffee, wondering what really happened to our 10 brave sailors last week.  My imagination or whats left of it (and there isn’t much left to try to imagine after the last seven years) got the best of me as I asked myself, what if it was all staged, part of a larger, sinister plan? My biggest concern in writing this | Read More »

    Is this it?

    “As Good As It Gets” is one of my all time favorite movies.  Crisp writing, wonderfully flawed characters with redeeming attributes and a somewhat happy ending — not to mention terrific acting performances.  I  don’t expect (or necessarily want) life to be anything like the movies, but after this weeks vote in the House on the Omnibus Bill, imagine my surprise when I find myself asking that very same question….. is this as good | Read More »