The real reason gun controls won’t work

Good intentions aside, I believe that almost everyone in the augment about how to eliminate massacres like Sandy Hook are missing the root cause and arriving at wrong conclusions. Banning certain types of firearms is not the answer. Stricter gun purchase and gun sale laws are not the answer to stopping massacres. Smaller magazines are not the answer. Restricting ownership of semi-auto rifles and handguns is not the answer. Surprisingly, more guns are not the answer. Incarceration of mentally unstable people is not the entire answer, either.

The harsh truth about the massacres at Sandy Hook school, the Portland shopping mall killings, the Aurora Colorado movie theater killings any all of the others that have shocked us, is that mass murders simply cannot be prevented. These horrible crimes can only be ameliorated, limiting their scope of destruction.

Why can’t they be stopped? It’s the nature of who we are.

When Eve handed the apple to Adam and he agreed to take a bite, the downfall of man started. It continues to this day. All men (sane or insane) have sinned. Evil is real and present in this world. Satan has some measure of influence over this earth and will continue to do so until the second coming.
Those of you who read and believe the word of God will understand that until the ’imperfect is able to put on the perfect’, nothing is going to change. While we are created in His image, we are imperfect. In our best moments, we are but a pale reflection of He who made us. Men unfortunately lie, cheat, steal and kill one another. The world will be this way, and evil will continue, until Christ returns and puts an end to it. No amount of legislation or government control will change this.

So how can we stop or limit the massacres? We do it in the taking up of the responsibility we have been given – the responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones.   When God created man and woman he instantiated the first family structure and within that structure, he assigned roles and responsibilities. The intended role of men in the biblical family system has always been to provide for, care for, train up, and protect – to be the covering for their wives and families. Women are no less responsible for the wellbeing of the family.

Men of faith, accepting their biblical role and responsibility as protector, are the only real answer to the evil that presents itself in today’s world. God inspired our founding fathers and ensured that in America, we have the right to bear arms as granted by our Constitution… it is a right which really allows us to perform our God-given job.

More important than the Right to Bear Arms, we have been given the spiritual role and responsibility to protect ourselves, our wives, our children, families and neighbors. Doing anything less is a rejection of the mantle that God has put on the shoulders of the men in His kingdom. Men (and women, too) of faith have this responsibility. Bearing arms is not just a Right, it is our duty.

How then are we to be responsible to limit the effects of evil in our world? First, take immediate ownership of your responsibility as protector. Start by setting up protection for your home. For each of us, this can and will mean different things. For many of us, it will entail the purchase of a weapon for home defense, along with the proper training in its use and maintenance.

I know people who have shotguns for home protection. I own both semiautomatic handguns and revolvers, and have been trained in their use. They are dispersed and hidden throughout my home. Other of my friends own rifles. For my 80 year old mom, home protection is an 8 shot .22 caliber pistol, one that she can easily handle and comfortably shoot, even with the arthritis in her hands.

Once you have made provision for your home, recognize your responsibility to your neighbors. We have been told to love one another. We were also told that ‘greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friends’. Is this really anything less than a clear call for people of faith to look out for one another in the public square? How do we do it? Extend your tools of protection outside the boundaries of your home. Apply for a conceal carry permit where it is allowed (render unto Caesar as we have been instructed), and then carry after you have it. Stay proficient. Carry. Stay proficient. Carry.

If you live in a state where conceal carry is not permitted, please begin to lobby your state-level elected officials to change the law. Remember, when evil begins a massacre, seconds count. The most effective way to stop (or limit) a massacre is for good people with guns to step forward — to immediately protect themselves and their neighbors. Law enforcement will arrive, but for many they will arrive too late. Conceal carry, by good people with guns, is the most effective way to stop evil.

Some will argue that innocent people might get shot by conceal carry gun owners when the horror begins. Does anyone really think more people will get shot by a Conceal Carry permit holder who is saving lives, than by the evil who will kill everyone it sees?  Ever-present evil is why gun control legislation that curtails gun purchase, ownership and carry is misguided. Evil will never bend itself to the law of the land and only the good will suffer the loss of personal safety under extreme gun regulation.

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